PC Game Suggestions and Some Critics

Have you ever played a game and get bored from it on the second mission or even when you start? Yeah that happened to me many times, but it’s ok because I like to try new games. It’s like every new game gives you something new. I’m going to start with the games I didn’t get bored with.

Dragon Age 2 was an excellent game in my opinion. It had everything an RPG lover would like to have at his favorite game, except from rich storyline. I think on this version of Dragon Age the creators were so concentrated on making this game look amazing that they weren’t so careful making it “interesting” too.

This game caught my attention from the first gameplay videos I watched. Really it has amazing graphics, nice FX, nicely created environments and nice battles with a big number of foes you will not easily forget. The thing that I like in RPG games is that you start with a guy with a piece of leather on him and a small sword and after that you get to have the best armor and the most shinny weapons and shields. So yes to be short I was dedicated to that game for a time of about two weeks or so and I didn’t get bored, and I must underline here that I’m not the kind of person that plays 8 hours per day any more.

Another very nice (driving game this time) that I had the chance to play and like is Need for Speed Shift 2. If you like driving, cars, expensive racing machines, customizing and tuning them this is the game for you. It has many machines of performance and you get to make money racing with your personal profile, buy the car of your choice each time and race it on races you will need all your talent and patience, because they created this game with the most realistic standards, I can also recall that on a video review heard that it’s the most realistic driving game so far, so I think it’s worth trying, especially if you are an owner of a driving wheel I believe you will not regret this.

Also another very impressive racing game is Test Drive Unlimited 2. How could I not write about this game when it holds me on my desk for 3 hours each time I start playing. It’s very impressively made, from the cars to the graphics to the places you get to visit (Ibiza and Hawaii) to the radio stations you listen to music while driving. This is the game that I play when I want to relax, turn on the radio and just drive. To tell you the truth I do that often. I like driving on the open road so much. You can even add your favorite mp3 music in the game and listen to it while you are enjoying the most beautiful places.

Now I think it’s time for a First Person Shooter game. I think it’s about time for some Medal of Honor and some Call of Duty Black ops, but let’s take them one at a time.

Medal of Honor in my opinion is the best FPS made ever. They put in it the most modern military technology I’ve seen, the most modern weapons and some of the most “clever” enemies I’ve seen in games of that kind. In general lines i really liked that game, I really did but there’s only a thing that made me not play that game after I finished it again. It is too short. You are going to enjoy it so much and all of a sudden it’s going to stop. All of the fun, and the thrill gone… I think that a great game was created and actually I would give 9.5/10 but the story line isn’t long enough. Basically I wasn’t paying attention on the storyline so much because the game was so exciting. But when someone starts playing that amazing game he really expects it to last longer that was the only back draw of this game in my opinion.

Now what about Call of Duty Black Ops? It was a really great game from all points of view. I liked a lot the graphics, the FX in that game. I really liked the story line on that one and all the equipment. The nice thing is that you get to be whoever you want, with the meaning that you get to enter different teams of the Special Forces, you will work as a sniper, as a stealth commando and other posts. I don’t have what to comment on that game cause in my opinion (again) it was almost flawless.