Parents Review: Kids Incorporated Learning Centers in Chandler Arizona

Finding the perfect daycare facility has been my life’s mission. Having six kids has allowed me to evaluate many daycare programs and preschools. I was looking for full time care that provided a strong academic program to get my preschoolers ready for the real world of kindergarten. I visited several different daycare locations all claiming to offer exciting learning activities, cognitive development, physical education programs, and social awareness skills. Living in Chandler Arizona provided another set of challenges as the city is still developing and so our choices were somewhat limited. The schools that we had heard great things about had a waiting list at least 2-3 months out. I needed something more immediate. Kids Inc. Learning Centers to the rescue!


Kids Incorporate Learning Center
Chandler Watermark
2350 S. Gilbert Rd
Chandler AZ

First Impression

My husband and I toured the facility and immediately liked what we saw. The staff was caring, friendly, and the kids around them seemed excited to be there. Proof is in the pudding (what does this even mean, anyway?), though. We relied on our instincts and enrolled my son 4 and my daughter who was 3. Here is what we learned about Kids Inc.

Reasons to Love Kids Inc

My kids come home every day with a personal, detailed outline of what they worked on during the day, what they ate, how long they napped, and what the highlight of their day was. This makes it easy for me to have a conversation with them and ask them various questions about how their day was. Additionally, they each come with at least 1 art project that they have completed. I am running out of refrigerator room, but they are all so cute.

Learning Program

The learning program is the best that I have seen out of all the schools our children have attended in the area. My kids are reading basic words, writing, spelling, and starting simple addition. They were not doing any of these things prior to attending Kids, Inc. They know how to count in English and Spanish and they know their colors in English and Spanish. They are constantly singing new songs from the music program at Kids Inc. This week my daughter started something new at the dinner table we did not even know she could do. She started signing the alphabet. I have had all of my 6 kids in daycare programs at one time or another. Kids Inc. is by far the best decision we ever made. Our kids have learned so much in a short amount of time and are happy to go there which makes for a smooth drop off in the morning. Trust me, I have had those mornings where my kids didn’t want to go to school and I had to drop them off kicking and screaming. This never made me feel good and it’s hard to leave your kids for a full day when you aren’t convinced you are doing the right thing. I have never had this issue since enrolling at Kids Inc.


Each room is age appropriate and equipped with age level activities to include puzzles, books, creative games, science and technology tools. The facility has hard wood floors throughout and is decorated with a child in mind. My kids love the tree house that greets them in the lobby every day. Additionally, the playground is a kids dream!


Friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging. They partner with you in helping to raise your child. You will never feel like you are just dropping your kids off for someone to babysit.


Daycare is always expensive and the cost is not going down. It’s a lot like gas, the price keeps going up, you hate to pay it, but it’s a necessity if you are a working Mom or Dad. With a background in marketing and sales I am always looking for a return on investment My kids are happy and will be much better prepared for school as a result of the lesson plans offered at Kids Inc. That makes Mom and Dad feel pretty good about the money they are investing in daycare. Call the center for more info on registration and fees.

I would highly recommend Kids Inc. in Chandler, AZ for any family. To find a location near you for Kids Inc. please visit