Paintball Tournaments: How to Create a PaintBall Tournament Team

For people who are used to playing paintball or haven’t ever played it before, paintball is an addicting fast paced sport that has become one of the most popular sports in the 21st Century. Many players have played this sport for a very long time and never thought of trying to do what some people call, “going pro.”

The phrase, “going pro”, is not a reality in paintball tournaments as the only high level gaming involves creating a team to play. Once you get into the harder game of paintball, called “Speedball”, then you may be considered “pro”. This type of paintball is just considered “going pro” because skill is higher and it is often broadcasted for colleges and sponsored teams. Since many players and fans don’t know how to create a team for this type of game or Paintball tournaments, we’ll discuss tips on how you can learn to do it.

Speedball paintball tournaments vary from 3-man teams to 5-man and even 7-man teams, but always have at least one to two more players than you need. Decide how many players you want to involve and keep in mind that the lower number of players, the more experienced the players have to be. Don’t worry about leadership or positions that can be voted on by the team, so as to not have conflicting players. It is also important to have players who have the same, if not similar goals to achieve from this experience; as well as time to commit and financial resources. Players who cannot commit to these requirements aren’t good candidates.

Also if the majority of the players are 16 or under, it is a good idea to have a parent as a coach; but recommended that the coach is someone who is experienced in any type of paintball. Then decide on positions which are front man, mid-players, and back; but remember the players assigned to these positions should fit their playing style. The two back-players don’t move up a lot but support movement in front. Mid-players is always a single man position and should be a jack-of-all trades, while being able to fill in the spot of a front man if eliminated, this is the hardest position. And the front man should be able to move up a lot very rapidly while eliminating players, this should be 2 players on a 5 man team, and 1 player on a 3 man team.

And finally, once the team is created, decide on who should be a team captain and/or co-captain just in case the captain may not be able to make it to games or practices. By the way, it is a good idea if this is voted on so as to not have conflicting teammates. Best of luck as you venture into paintballing and create your own paintball tournament team!

Sources: 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics, by Dave Norman