The Top Non-Prescription Canine Arthritis Medications

Arthritis pain can be devastating for your dog. As a puppy, your dog was energetic and playful, and it seemed like he never rested. That was before the arthritis. Arthritis occurs when the connective tissue in your dog’s joints deteriorates. It causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. Now that some professionals have questioned the safety of … Read more

Heartworm Signs in a Dog

Heartworm is a very common condition in domestic dogs. Most dogs receive a heartworm vaccine as puppies, but what about the dogs that don’t get this vital vaccination? Untreated dogs can suffer from serious health problems, and are likely to die if the heartworm infestation goes unchecked. You need to understand all the symptoms of … Read more

Wells Fargo: The Bank with Their Hands in My Pockets

I have had many bank accounts at many banks over the years. Each new residence brought a different banking system. Some I was very happy doing business there and some seem to be out for blood! While Wells Fargo is not the best that I have ever had, it definitely is not the worst either. … Read more

Rivalry Among Adult Siblings

Rivalry among adult siblings Siblings share a history, a family, memories, and sometimes a room. Growing up, they are inevitably the closest people to us. They know us in a way that others do not, they know what makes us tick. This is what brings us closer, it is also what pushes us apart. Sibling … Read more

Investing for Dividends – the Beginner’s Guide to Stock Dividends

If you’re like I was several days of research ago, you’re a complete and utter newbie when it comes to investing for dividends, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been looking and looking for ways to make my money start working for me more easily. So, I’m going to break this down into three … Read more

Law of Attraction Scam – Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

The Law of Attraction Scam. People often question whether there is any truth in the Law of Attraction at all. Does the LOA work? Well, in the words of the wisest man I know, “the answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes yes and no, and sometimes neither yes nor no.” You have to understand … Read more

How to Stay Accountable

We as humans are stupid. We know something is bad for us, yet we do it anyway. We know something is good for us, but we never want to do it, even if we feel good while we’re doing it. We want to change something about our lives, but we never put forth the effort … Read more

Charity – the Effect Tithing Had on My Life

Charity is important for leading a healthy, happy life. I have always known this, but the last time I gave to a charity was over a year and a half ago. Is it any surprise that the worst financial time in my life was the year following my not giving to charity? Charity does something … Read more

Real World Tips for Saving Money on Gasoline

Having enough money set aside each week to cover gasoline purchases has become more difficult for drivers across the United States. Before the economic downturn, gasoline prices had risen to almost $4.25 per gallon, and that was just for regular! Gasoline is more affordable now that the price at the pump has stabilized, but in … Read more

Improve Website Efficiency Through the Use of Meta Tags

Meta tags are virtually invisible in your site-building process, but it’s absolutely critical that you not forget them as you build or improve a website. They’re possibly one of the most neglected aspects of site-building, and one of the easiest ways to boost your rank with only minutes of work. In most cases, new site … Read more

Tips for Dominating Your Fantasy Football League

Fantasy football doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some simple tips to help you find fantasy football glory. Know the league rules, particularly the scoring rules. Understanding the rules your league uses will enable you to gauge which players have the most value, and where players should be drafted. Know which players have the … Read more

What You Should Know About Canine Heartworm Prevention

When it comes to your dog’s health, you want to know what’s going on and how to prevent the worst-case scenarios. As a rescue advocate and shelter volunteer, I get a lot of questions about heartworm. While heartworms are most harmful in puppies, dogs of all ages could be at risk. Dogs with an unknown … Read more

How to Choose Canine Flea Control Products

A responsible dog owner’s first consideration every spring usually turns to flea control. Fleas can pose a significant risk to your pet’s health, and there are a number of different types of flea control. In the past, my short-haired hounds have brought in fleas, making themselves and the humans miserable, and even infesting the carpet. … Read more

Basic Facts About Hybrid Dog Breeds

So-called hybrid dog breeds have become very popular in the past few years. As a shelter volunteer, I get to see hundreds of these dogs every year when they’re over-bred or a buyer didn’t get quite what he or she expected. Hybrid dog breeds offer traits that are not available in traditional breeds, but they … Read more

Why You Should Visit Iceland: The Volcanic Jewel

It’s name brings to mind glaciers, polar ice caps, snow-topped mountains, and a frozen unforgiving land. But, Iceland is far from these teeth-chattering descriptions. Iceland is actually more green than Greenland! Founded by Vikings who discovered the little land mass to be a difficult place to thrive, it was named “Island” (pronounced Iceland) by it’s … Read more

Best Free Worksheets for the Letter Z

Get a head start with your letter of the day or letter of the week unit planning for the letter Z with these worksheets that are appropriate for elementary, preschool, and homeschool students. All of these worksheets are on websites that provide free worksheets and other resources for teachers and classrooms. For a collection of … Read more

Alabama- America from A-Z

Alabama, America’s twenty-second state was admitted into the Union on December 14, 1819. Early explorers first visited the area in the early sixteenth century, and their interactions with the residing Native Americans were tolerated if not exceedingly friendly. Greeted by what is now called the Mobile River Delta, fifty-three miles of coastline, and moving inland … Read more