Budgeting: The Breaking Point

There was a moment in time when I had my breaking point with our debt. It was after this past Christmas. Every year after Christmas I sit down at the desk and go through all of our files. I transfer all the old bills and closed accounts to the filing cabinet in the basement. I … Read more

Spring Trends Around $50: Style Experts Roll Out VT Luxe with QVC

For fashionistas who have been feeling like recessionistas lately, a new line launched this week that will have your savvy self smiling. If you’ve been looking for a new accessory or a statement piece to glam up your wardrobe, QVC has shimmering solutions at unbelievable price points. QVC teamed up with styling masterminds, Jesse Garza … Read more


Democracy = two wolves and one sheep voting on what is for dinner. I do not know who said it, but its corollary is; Democracy = Two gang bangers and one teen age girl voting on what rape is. Both illustrate the problem with democracy. It is mob rule. It has no moral basis. If … Read more

Recognizing the True Threat Behind the Current Unrest in the Middle East

With violent reprisal by the Qaddafi regime and the subsequent NATO led military intervention dominating news coverage, violence in places like Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Bahrain has been put on the backburner. Lacking experience and the political aptitude to deal with mass protest in a civil, effective manner, the leaders of these countries have only … Read more

“The Hurt Locker” – War is an Occupation

War has become cliche. It’s a cable news headline, a buzz word attached to the zeitgeist’s cause celebre: drugs, terror, poverty, obesity. At the same time, it’s an economic powerhouse that dwarfs all other human industry, its investors sacredly backed by the full faith of the powers that be. And though its realities are pathologically … Read more

Best Hotel Deals in Abu Dhabi

With its soaring buildings and lavish shopping malls, Abu Dhabi is a lovely tourist spot. But planning a vacation to this city, also known as the richest in the world, can seem dauntingly expensive. The good news is it doesn’t have to be! You can still enjoy the comforts and amenities the city has to … Read more

8 Television Shows that Replaced Their Star

Ever since Charlie Sheen was fired from “Two and a Half Men” the question has been whether they can find a replacement to carry on the hit television show. Most “Two and a Half Men” fans believe that nobody can replace Sheen but television shows have been able to replace their star actor in the … Read more

Colorado’s Summer 2011 Arts & Crafts Festivals

Colorado’s 2011 Summer Arts & Crafts Festivals: Denver and Front Range Mountain Area Cherry Creek Arts Festival, July 3-5, 2011 North Cherry Creek Shopping District, Denver, CO The Cherry Creek Arts Festival draws skilled artists and craftsmen and over 350,000 visitors to Denver each year. International artists share jewelry, ceramics, woodworking, sculpture, digital and fiber … Read more

The White Blanket

The canopy bed dominated the room. It was rich in Greek architecture and stained a deep shade of brown. It wasn’t new. Yet, it wasn’t old either. It was certainly not an antique. Sophie wanted an antique bed, but they were all too small. The largest she’d found was a full. That wouldn’t do. So … Read more

Hotels Near Yadkinville, North Carolina

Days Inn Yadkinville The Days Inn Yadkinville is situated at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The hotel has 69 nonsmoking guest rooms that come with standard amenities including Wi-Fi Internet access and cable televisions. Every morning, guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast and a free weekday newspaper is also distributed. Restaurants outside the hotel … Read more

Affordable Easter Brunch Restaurants in Sacramento

Easter is a time to celebrate, but there’s no reason for your celebration to throw off the family budget. Restaurants can get expensive, especially if you’re dining with a big group, and choosing the restaurant without consideration of prices can be a mistake. This Easter Sunday, consider some of these affordable brunch restaurants in Sacramento, … Read more

Rental Property Review: 999 Jefferson Street, Monterey, CA

Having been a renter for many years, I’ve come to realize that renters are often at a disadvantage before they move into a rental property. No matter how cautious they are, there tend to always be problems that arise after they have moved in. Having lived at 999 Jefferson Street in Monterey, California from February … Read more

LG CU920 Unlocked Phone Review

This is the first phone with a touch screen device simulation that supports AT&T Mobile TV. This feature is a must have for people who enjoy their favorite television shows and need to be updated about the latest that is happening in hit serial dramas like Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives or the Office or … Read more

Triangle Theory of Love and Color Wheel Theory of Love

Previously published in ExaminerPart 5 of the love series Love and intimacy are primal human emotions and essential for good mental health. Spring is in the air and as the old adage goes Spring is the time for new beginnings and it is also the time for love. Just stroll along Montreal streets and you … Read more

How Can Anyone Say that the Bible is Not True?

First of all, the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is the absolute truth despite the fact that not everyone chooses to believe in it. Some people over the years have tried to destroy this book and they could not. It is not because there are millions and millions of copies of … Read more

Abduction of Government Money

All the recent debate about the Federal Government budget somehow overlooked the TARP program, something that happened less than three years ago. This atrocity has been too quickly forgotten, and nothing has been done about it. What happened was, the Government took on $750 billion in debt, and handed the money directly to America’s largest … Read more

5 Natural Foods to Eat for Clear, Acne Free Skin

Do you have a skin condition or experience frequent acne and breakouts? Did you know that the foods you eat could be making your skin worse? Most people know that a diet high in fats is unhealthy for your heart, but did you know it’s also unhealthy for your skin? A well-balanced diet, filled with … Read more

Marilyn Manson and Columbine

If you ever don’t want to talk to anybody, one of the best things you can do is put on a Marilyn Manson shirt and make sure that the rest of your outfit is black. People will leave you alone in the same way that they would if you were a rabid animal. Yeah, the … Read more

“The Point of the Shaft”

/* By Gregory V. Boulware Many of us are well aware of who gets it up the a…excuse me, the sharp end of the shaft. And we know who’s holding the stick. Yes, you got it – the poor! It seems like a continuous and endless scenario throughout the planet. One may well wonder, do … Read more

Summer “Break” For Teachers

One of the greatest perks of being a teacher is the coveted summer break. While many people choose to believe this is a time for teachers to relax, most of us have an extensive list of things to do and goals to accomplish this summer. Instead of relaxing by the pool, many teachers continue to … Read more

Book Review: The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong

In the early sections of her monumental tome on the development of modern religious traditions, Karen Armstrong describes how intense study of the dense and sometimes contradictory rituals of the Brahmanas in India allowed priests to overcome their focus on the self and delve deeply into their atman , or soul. The ritual knowledge they … Read more

Reflecting on the Personal Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later

COMMENTARY | The Huffington Post reports that April 20 is the one-year anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Many members of the National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling will be in Louisiana this week to commemorate the disaster and raise awareness of the long-term and lingering issues that … Read more

5 Most Annoying Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters

5 Most Annoying Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters If you’re anything like me, you used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation at some point during your past. And, if you’re anything like me, you probably enjoyed the TV series overall. However, you also probably found many, if not most, of the characters annoying … Read more

2011 Mother’s Day Weekend Events in Raleigh-Durham Area of North Carolina

Daddies and kids, there are more things to do in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina on Mother’s Day weekend besides eating out. The Triangle area has numerous family friendly activities you can treat mom to at affordable prices. Listed below are eight events mom will love. 1. Brick Festival for LEGO Fans No mom … Read more

A Review of Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef Patties

I am familiar with the Quick N Eat food brand. I have tried their cheese beef patties and loved them. When I spotted a package of Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef Patties in the frozen foods section, I was thrilled. I like a good bacon burger! I decided to buy these, try … Read more

How NFL Star Dick Bass Became My Friend: Meeting the ‘Scooter’

In 1946, the Cleveland Rams football team moved to Los Angeles. I was 16 years old and in the 10th grade at Venice High School. I played football for the Venice Gondoliers and was a fan of the sport but being interested mostly in cars and girls, I did not become an immediate “Ram Fan”. … Read more

Stop & Shop Chunky Garden Style Peppers & Mushrooms Pasta Sauce

Recently, my wonderful father gave me a container of Stop & Shop Chunky Garden Style Peppers & Mushrooms Pasta Sauce and I’m very glad that he did so. This variety of pasta sauce is quite delicious and I think it would be a good product to review. Presented here, in an effort to assist the … Read more

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Although, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes had been together with different membership for years before they found success with Philadelphia International. It was with this Gamble and Huff label they achieved the most success, as a group. With the baritone vocals, of Teddy Pendergrass, as lead singer, they ascended to the top, of the charts … Read more

Mourn for the Dead. Fight for the Living

Thursday, April 28 marks the 23rd annual Workers’ Memorial Day. Each year, dangerous conditions kill thousands of workers on the job. Those hazards create illness or injury for millions more. Since 1989, the AFL-CIO has observed April 28 as a day to “mourn for the dead, fight for the living.” Labor unions and workers in … Read more

Teaching Abroad (Part 7) – Cultural Differences

I planned the hell out of this move. I also did a ton of research. In doing so, I thought I’d anticipated every single thing that could possibly come up. The one area that I completely overlooked–besides the reality of being alone in another country–was differences in culture. I’d told myself that I would accept … Read more

How to Move in Just One Year

Moving is a great way to get a new lease on life. It can be a rejuvenating experience and for those who have never left home it can be completely liberating. It is common for people who have a desire to move to take many years to move or to never move at all because … Read more

Did You Know that 2/3 of the World Are Not Christian?

I went to a friend’s service this Sunday hoping to find inspiration. I sat through an hour worth of we are going to hell if we don’t have Christ in our life. That is just understandable if you are a Christian, but what if you aren’t a Christian. Did you know that 2/3 of the … Read more

Summer Hairstyles: Kristen Stewart Inspired Updo

Summer is upon us, finally. It will be nice not to worry about stuffy clothes and winter boots, but what about our hair? If you’re like me, “summer” for my hair means that it goes up in an unattractive knot on the top of my head-at least, that’s where it starts its journey. But there … Read more

Top Six Nostalgia Drag Racing Events in the USA

With a relatively new sport growing in leaps and bounds, people want to know where these events are and which ones offer the best quality. Nostalgia Drag Racing is one of the only sports growing in this downturn of the economy so you want to see for yourself that this offers real bang for your … Read more

The Delfonics: Moments to Remember

Many people might know Motown more than they might the Philly Groove record label. Many people might know Philadelphia International record label more than the Philly Groove label. Many people might know, of Stax Records, than the Stan Watson Label based in the city, of brotherly love. But, the one thing they must have heard … Read more

Are You Discreet?

Did someone tell you something in confidence without saying that it is a secret? If so, did you keep the information to yourself or did you run and tell everyone you know? Being discreet is the ability to know the difference between news to tell and a secret to keep. Someone who is discreet knows … Read more

Unique Free Activities for Families in Indianapolis

Families on a budget can still find unique and free activities in Indianapolis. If your children are bored after visits to local parks or libraries, you have other options. There are several Indianapolis organizations offering opportunities to entertain children and help you keep your sanity. Free Drum Circle at Bongo Boy Music School The Bongo … Read more

Job Overview for a High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Review of Printed Literature Job description. The curriculum of Family and Consumer Sciences is not the stereotypical cook and sew. Although, cooking and sewing are covered, there are many other subjects addressed in the class, and it is the teacher’s role to make sure that the students’ think outside of the box, and cover a … Read more

Cane River Green Market

Almost everyone enjoys walking through a farmer’s market looking at the offerings of the local farmers and craftsmen, but very few attendees can enjoy doing it in the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase and under the banks of a well-known river. Well, Natchitoches, Louisiana is really not the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase … Read more

Dancing with the Stars Season 12 Week 5 Recap: Patriotism

We have reached the halfway point of the competition. Plus we’re celebrating the 1000th competitive dance of the show. It’s Americana week and each team had to perform to a patriotic song. Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff- Brazilian Samba-Dressed in cowboy boots, and a western styled costume, Ralph and Karina danced to “Sweet Home Alabama.” … Read more

A General Ledger Tutorial

If you work in an accounting or finance position, chances are you’ll be required to participate in reconciling the general ledger. If you’ve never reconciled a general ledger, then you’ll appreciate this brief general ledger tutorial. What is the general ledger (GL)? The general ledger is the set of all the accounts used to keep … Read more

You Can Forget the Past, but Eventually it Will Come Back to Haunt You!

The front door of Nancy’s apartment was mysteriously left wide open, this made Peter suspicious. And it wasn’t until he walked further into the flat that he began to shiver. All at once, Peter forgot about his fears, he stopped to listen; he detected movement coming from the end of the hall. Employing light footsteps, … Read more

Montana DUI Penalties and Information

If you are caught drinking and driving in Montana, you will face severe penalties. In Montana if you’re caught with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher you will be arrested; however, those who are under 21 years of age and have any alcohol in their blood will be arrested. It is important to … Read more

I’ve Finally Figured Out How to Make More Money!

I really didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was a child, I decided that I wanted to be a nurse because I liked their white dresses with those cute matching hats. Well, let’s just say that I had a change of heart once I realized that handling needles … Read more

How to Learn French Online (For Free!)

If you’re anything like me, you do not enjoy paying for things that are free. Unfortunately for a lot of people, many services that can be considerably less costly are never investigated correctly, forcing individuals to shell out cash when they could have found their needs legitimately and for far less. French is the language … Read more

Major Characters in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”; By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Warning: Plot spoilers ahead. There are many unusual features of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” (1967). One of the most striking is the use of characters. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” focuses on one fictional Central American town, Macondo, and tells the story through the thoughts of the town’s pivotal family, the … Read more

5 Little Known Facts About the Movie, Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the first Disney princess films. Of course, it wasn’t known as a Disney princess film until the 2000s when Disney started naming the princesses. However, it was known that it was a Disney film that had a princess. Cinderella is a fun movie, especially as almost everyone five years or older … Read more

The Silmarillion by Tolkein

I can honestly say that I did not enjoy this book whatsoever and was immensely relieved to have finished it. While it doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with the Lord of the Rings books (it can be a standalone) it was sitting on our shelf and I felt compelled to read it and finish … Read more

Obama Administration Not Responsible for Record Gas Prices

COMMENTARY | Chevron recently announced its 2011 first quarter profits. The number was more than $1.6 billion higher than the first quarter in 2010. After this announcement, much of the media began to criticize oil companies for profiting so much while the American people struggled to pay for gas while still reeling from the effects … Read more

Seven Great Classes to Take While in College

One thing that I found both while in college and talk to friends is that there are certain classes that were more useful than others. Sometimes, these classes are immediately apparent (I’m thinking abnormal psychology, that increased my hypochondria!), but sometimes they aren’t. I took some classes in college that I thought were going to … Read more

Mary King Takes Throne as Queen of Eventing

With a history making one-two finish at the prestigious Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, Mary King, a 49 year old event rider from Great Britain has positioned herself atop the world of her chosen sport. Just a week before the Kentucky CCI4* event, the mother of two rode to a 3rd place finish aboard her star … Read more

Happy Dead Birthday to Famous People Who Were Born on May 2

Famous Dead Birthdays is just what it sounds like. Dead Birthdays are birthdays of famous people who have a birthday, but have already passed. For example, Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 and he died on April 17, 1790. This means Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday is on January 17th. If Benjamin Franklin was still … Read more

Reaping Summer Savings, One Plant at a Time

With food prices steadily rising, families are looking for ways to save on groceries. Consider this: would you rather pay about $1.50 per pound for tomatoes each time you shop, or spend about $10.00 for tomatoes all summer long? Planting just a few vegetable plants can provide you with the ingredients for delicious, healthy meals … Read more

5 Best Luxury Hotel Spas in Orlando

Several hotels and resorts in Orlando have turned into a “destination spa”, an ideal getaway destination offering luxury spa treatments in a private setting right on the property. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to pamper yourself with their exclusive treatments and signature therapies, and most offer complimentary access to the … Read more

The 911 Conspiracy

On 911/2001, the US is attacked with passenger planes flown into buildings by Islamic extremists, we are told. Thousands, mostly innocent folks, perished in these tragedies. September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten by both sympathizers and perpetrators. That was 9 years ago and yet, new discoveries keep adding to the … Read more

Green Economy: Define Types of Renewable Energy

There are many types of renewable energy available worldwide, the availability of these options depending on location, cost and stage of commercialization. This article summarizes the main types of renewable energy that are currently being developed in large scales. HYDROELECTRIC POWER This is the world’s oldest and lowest-cost renewable energy source with a global installed … Read more

Rally for a Responsible Budget was a Huge Success

On Tuesday, nearly 7,000 Pennsylvanians rode in more than 100 buses, cars, and trains to Harrisburg with a single purpose in mind – to demand a responsible budget from our state legislators. The atmosphere was friendly and hopeful, as it always is at these events, with lots of hugs, high fives, and good conversations with … Read more

Facebook Ranting Taken Too Far

I opened up my Facebook wall this morning to see the latest and greatest of updates from friends, family, and frankly, some folks I don’t even know. Afterall, Facebook is simply a numbers game to some, and apparently the ‘number’ of friends you have signifies your cool factor in social network world. If you can’t … Read more

The NFL is Up to Chance

The future of the NFL is up to chance at this time. Greed, in part, both by the owners and the players, is to blame. Is this what we have come to in competitive sporting events? Is it really the bank account that matters more than the game? There was a time when one enjoyed … Read more

Toys that Promote Independence and Empowerment for Young Girls

In this day and age, the media constantly feeds our children images and ideals of the impossible. It can be very frustrating as a parent seeing your daughter idolize these messages. You want what is best for your child, but you also want to give your daughter what she wants. You may be worried that … Read more

Level that RV or Wreck the Refrigerator

It is beyond my comprehension but, somehow, in all my years of RVing I missed out on a crucial piece of information that could have turned into a big hit on my wallet. It may still end up going horribly wrong if I failed to correct the mistake soon enough…only time will tell. I’m talking … Read more

How to Stain a Concrete Floor

DIY Acid Stain Concrete floors, while durable, can leave much to be desired when it comes to their appearance and their ability to tie in with the rest of your home’s decor. Fortunately, plain concrete floors can be customized by adding an acid stain which can darken and even marbleize the surface to meet your … Read more

The Death of Bin Laden

It’s about time! I am finally starting to see others that feel the same way about the death of Osama Bin Laden. I was not part of the majority that danced in the streets at the announcement that Seal Team 6 had ended this mans life. I saw this man as a misguided child of … Read more

Bowling for Rhinos in Salt Lake City

How can the average family in the Salt Lake valley save wildlife in Africa and Indonesia? Attend the 20 th Annual Bowling for Rhinos Event! Bowling for Rhinos is a bowl-a-thon hosted by the Utah Chapter AAZK and Utah’s Hogle Zoo. The American Association of Zoo Keepers is a national organization of animal care professionals, … Read more

5 Free Family Activities in Dallas, Texas

A while back, I saw a news story about the growing number of stay-at-home dads. Camera crews followed them around and made a lengthy report about their lifestyles. Most of the men transitioned from full time jobs. What struck me most about the stay-at-home dads was that they did not stay at home. They spent … Read more

Fan Reaction: Mavericks Put Kibosh on Lakers, Phil Jackson’s Dominance

COMMENTARY | With painful memories of the Los Angeles Lakers staging a comeback against the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of last year’s NBA Finals, I dreaded that the Lakers would stage another dramatic comeback against the Dallas Mavericks. Even with the Mavericks needing only one game to sweep the Lakers and possibly end Phil … Read more

Muhammad Wilkerson: The Steal of the 2011 NFL Draft?

Coming in to the draft last night, the Jets knew they needed another pass rusher to go along with their already aging defensive line. With Shaun Ellis on the decline at 33, Kris Jenkins battling a bad knee and an unsure future, and Mike DeVito a less-than-desirable starting right end, the Jets had their eyes … Read more

Product Review: Yerba Prima Psyllium Husk Powder

One of the herbal products I like to use to help keep my heart healthy and my blood sugar levels is Yerba Prima Psyllium Husk Powder. It is easy to take because it mixes well with liquids and foods. It also helps keep the colon clean to prevent cancer of the colon. Yerba Prima Psyllium … Read more

Week 19: “The Biggest Loser” Gives Contestants Final Exams

Last week’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was filled with surprises from beginning to end — contestants received head-to-toe makeovers and no one went home. They all got a second chance to earn their way into the final four. With three woman and two men left on the ranch, it seemed like the final weeks … Read more

First Person: The Upside of Multiple Income Streams

*Note: This was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Do you have a personal finance story that you’d like to share? Sign up with the Yahoo! Contributor Network to start publishing your own finance articles. Recently, I was counseling a young man on budgeting and finance as part of a financial workshop I run online. He … Read more

Business is a Portfolio of Co-creation Platforms

Quite recently, a company called Millward Brown Optimor released its sixth BrandZ rating – Top 100 World’s Most Valued Brands. This year (2011) it was Apple that came on top of the list, beating Google. Apple’s brand value increased by 84% to $153,285 Million . But this is not entirely about financials such as sales … Read more

Five Summer Drinks for Adults

Summer is a great time to gather with friends or chill out alone in the backyard. One thing that is a must for hot summer days is ice cold drinks. I’ve gathered (and tested) 5 recipes to help you keep your cool this summer whether you are relaxing on the deck by the pool or … Read more

Show Reviews: Paula Poundstone is Different!

I had a chance to interview comedian Paula Poundstone before her show and felt she had a refreshing “honesty” about herself. Paula spoke to me just as she did to the audience at the Suncoast Hotel. “My act is autobiographical. I talk about raising 3 kids and 16 cats. Just like every other parent, I … Read more

How to Recreate the Look of Hollywood Legend Judy Garland

Judy Garland was best known for her 1939 breakthrough role as Dorothy in MGM’s musical triumph, The Wizard of Oz. However, Miss Garland went on to make countless films, musicals, albums, and even her very own television show. Judy stood out from the many actresses at MGM because of her dark hair and short stature. … Read more

Design Principles of Scalable, Distributed Systems

Designing scalable, distributed systems involves a completely different set of principles and paradigms when compared to regular monolithic client-server systems. Typical large distributed systems of Google, Facebook or Amazon are made up of commodity servers. These servers are expected to fail, have disk crashes, run into network issues or be struck by any natural disasters. … Read more

The Last Sheriff

Howdy Folks! Listen and you shall hear of how the West was won. You see long before you and I were born, way back when before texting and the Internet, times were tough and men were mean. This is back in the day of Cowboys, Outlaws, high noon and lone Sheriffs. Shootouts and duels were … Read more

Franchising Sector Analysis: Take Away Food

Franchising Sector Analysis: Take Away Food Take-Away Food Sector remains as one of the most sought-after franchises, why are they so popular and if it is for everyone? The concept of take-away (take-out) franchise began in United States, initially, this was only available from well known brands like Dominos, it was originally just pizza-oriented businesses, … Read more

Folic Acid is Good but Too Much is Bad

Folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, has been added to our food supply since 1988 to reduce deficiency in pregnant women to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in their babies and to help block the effects of bisphenol A. Pregnant women are now bombarded with folic acid in supplements, prenatal vitamins and … Read more

Biography of Augusta G Weissert

Augustus Gordon Weissert, a representative soldier of the Volunteer forces and a prominent member of the Milwaukee Bar, was born Aug. 7, 1844, at Canton, Stark Co., Ohio. When he was six years old his parents removed to Racine, Wis., where he obtained a good elementary education and was graduated from the high school. Later, … Read more

Why You Should Toss Your Parenting Books in the Trash

If Judith Rich Harris is right, there’s good news, and then there’s bad news. The good news is that there is not much you, as a parent, can do to screw up your kids. The bad news is that there’s also not much you can do to keep their peers from screwing them up. “The … Read more