Our Visit to the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly in Southwest New York State

When my daughter came to visit last week, she made reservations for her sister, herself and me to visit Lily Dale, a famous spiritualist community which is located in southwestern New York State about one hour south of Buffalo, New York. This is a popular destination for folks in this area, many of whom consider it a fun day and do not put credence into the revelations of the clairvoyant. Many, however, take serious interest in the paranormal and go on a regular basis to seek direction and centering in their lives.

Lily Dale has been in existence for 132 years and is now considered the center of the Spiritualist movement. It stands on 160 acres, has its own volunteer Fire Department and is the permanent home of several mediums and spiritualist healers who make a living from the visitors who come to them. Several well-known specialists in spiritualism such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and John Edward are frequent guest speakers at Lily Dale.

The morning began with an ecumenical Healing Service in the Healing Temple which was a pleasant experience attended by approximately fifty people. We made our way then to the home of the medium with whom we had an appointment. She was a woman in her seventies who made certain to tell us that she is not a fortuneteller, but a psychic. She charged $50 for a one-half hour reading.

Each of my daughters received an interesting reading from the psychic although she could not seem to get a bead on me. She described my younger daughter’s husband and son to a T which was an amazing feat. She also described for my older daughter the characteristics of her four children and was right on with this also. Her naming of my daughter’s sister-in-law who passed away was slightly incorrect but nevertheless valid. She mentioned the lilac flower as having some significance which is surprising because my mother’s favorite flower was the lilac, and therefore it became the favorite flower of me and one of my daughters.

The medium seemed at a loss when I sat down for my reading. The names Edward or Eddie had no meaning for me. And no, I do not knit or crochet or do gardening although my age might be an indication that I would have those interests. If she had mentioned the computer as a main interest, I would have believed thoroughly in her extrasensory perception, but she never came close to any of my interests or hobbies.

We were not able to take in the demonstration at Inspiration Stump which is said to be quite interesting. A medium such as John Edward speaks to the audience, mentioning a name or an event in a person’s life and asks the person to come forward to hear additional information about a dead relative or even a future event. Unfortunately, our time did not permit this.

There did not appear to be any nice restaurants on the grounds, although there was a gift shop and also two hotels, the Maplewood Hotel and the Leolyn Hotel where guests can stay for one night for $59 or for one week for $359. Double occupancy would lower that rate.

Further information about Lily Dale can be obtained at www.lilydaleassembly.com or by phoning Lily Dale at (716) 595-8721.


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