Other Social Networking Sites Aside from Twitter and Facebook

So you are sick and tired of Twitter and Facebook. Well there is a host of other social networking sites out there for your enjoyment! I have compiled a list of my favorite social networking sites that are not Twitter and Facebook. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


This social networking site is a trip! You can register for a profile or you can remain anonymous. Either way you are in for some great laughs. I also used to promote my own work there. Discussions are initially compiled by actual news stories or current events, but there are other messages boards such as African-American worth checking out as well. I have also found my own work in there, because Topix uses computer software to find news articles and will then create a message board around the topic. So chances are you are already on Topix without even knowing it.

Yahoo Answers

When people end up in heated discussions because other people do not like the answer that was given to a question and the op (original poster) has disappeared interesting things happen! Anyone with a Yahoo account can participate. The fun part is in receiving points for giving the best answer. Conversely, you can also ask questions and pick a best answer yourself or wait for the community to choose one of the responses to your question as a best answer themselves. If you are consistently being chosen as someone who has the best answer you can quickly become a respected leader in the topic in which you are answering questions. Yahoo Answer is broken down categorically, and you can even view questions which have already been answered and are closed to voting.


Initially, I do not think that YouTube was really meant to be a social networking site. But it is a site in which people upload content, and people do connect with each other because their love for that content is what brings them together. YouTube also has some interesting social networking features outside of the simple message boards that are created around content. You can send someone a message directly or send a friend request. Friend requests do not mean that much in YouTube though, but I get them every day. At the same time, I subscribe to a lot of channels on YouTube, so I tend to watch videos from the same people every time; I rarely actually search for new videos. I even have subscribers, which is funny because I do not post any content! However, you can allow people to search through videos that you enjoy, so people can quickly see my favorite videos.

City Data

I love this site it is the ultimate site for urban exploration geeks like myself. You can post questions or click on a button telling people that you like an answer they gave in a message board and increase their reputation. If you respond to a thread or create a thread you will eventually receive emails to let you know when someone else responds to you directly. Threads are arranged by state first, and then city. If you create an account you can quickly go to the newest thread for a particular state after you have logged in. If you do not log in you can see what those threads are, but then you have to click on the state and then the city in order to find the thread. The site is enormous, and it actually does have statistical information on pretty much every city in the nation. There are also regular fourms that have nothing to do with particular cities, and those are fun too.