Ohio State and Jim Tressel Will Win Another National Championship Together

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Has there been new information released in the Jim Tressel saga? The answer is NO! The info was new to the public but not new to the case.

Let us be clear: Jim Tressel was wrong and the University has admitted it by increasing his suspension.

But more information has been made aware to the public. It turns out that Tressel contacted the FBI. To my knowledge, in the history of College Sports, no institution ever received a competitive advantage by contacting the FBI. Unless Obama has started a new wing of the FBI that aids College football coaches, this supports Tressel’s statements that he had the concerns for players safety in mind, but upon this release of information that was new to the public but certainly not new news to the case, the national media again began to vilify the coach again. Calls for his firing and resignation again permeated the halls of newspapers and internet media.

Beano Cook predicted Urban Meyer would coach OSU in 2012. Mike Sandborn in the USA Today wrote, “college football analyst Beano Cook predicts that Urban Meyer will be the head coach of the Ohio State football team in 2012.

‘I think Ohio State has major problems and I think Jim Tressel has major problems,’ Cook, whose comments were reported by The Columbus Dispatch, said during a Thursday ESPN radio interview. ‘I’ve said on my Podcast. . . (that) Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012. That was my prediction and I stick by that prediction.'”

But this will not happen. Meyer’s daughter posted on Twitter that her father will not coach Ohio State in 2011. The criticism did not stop at Beano.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit said, “it would be very difficult moving forward … with Jim Tressel.”

But Herbstreit always has to be wary of what he says concerning Ohio State and often tries to make comments that prove he is a professional first and not an OSU homer.

Pat Forde, also at ESPN writes, “Big salary. Big reputation. Big winning percentage (.828 at Ohio State, second-best in Big Ten history for coaches with 10 or more years in the league, trailing only Fielding H. Yost).

He is not, however, bigger than Ohio State. Which is why the school should terminate its star football coach before it responds in the coming months to the NCAA notice of allegations that was made public Monday.

And The Vest should go down.”

I would like to tell these media elites one thing: Jim Tressel will not be fired. There will be more sanctions. OSU may vacate all their wins from 2010 as well as the Big Ten title. They are guaranteed to be ineligible for a bowl game during the 2011 season. Recruiting limits could be imposed but most likely not as Tressel seems to be the object and not the University.

In the short term, being a diehard Ohio State fan will be difficult. Depending on when the final verdict from the NCAA comes, Tressel could miss the entire 2011 season, not just the self-imposed five games, but Tressel will not get fired and Urban Meyer will not coach Ohio State in 2011 or 2012; sorry Beano. Maybe someday Meyer will coach OSU, but not in the near future. I still believe Meyer will coach Notre Dame first before OSU http://bleacherreport.com/articles/545178-notre-dame-football-prediction-urban-meyer-or-skip-holtz-will-follow-kelly-at-n .

If nothing new surfaces, if the story ends here, Tressel will survive. If he does live to tell the tale, I predict Ohio State and Jim Tressel win a national championship before his contract runs out in 2015.

Note: Jim Tressel has resigned as head football coach. Unfortunately, there is more coming out and the University elected to accept Jim Tressel’s resignation.