Obama Speech Addresses First Ever Predator Drone Attack on U.S. Soil as Another Strike in the War on Terror

President Obama took briefly to the podium to answer a few questions about a predator drone strike in Alabama early this morning that has killed a family of four. The family is reported to have been “white and in line with Confederate views” but neighbors said they knew of no terrorist ties. The White House maintains the family had possible connections to possible factions with possible terroristic tendencies. Much of the nation is still in shock, and massive protests surged outside the White House and in other cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

This controversial attack comes only days after Obama was overheard telling his top adviser about dumping the US Oil Reserves onto major sections of the Middle East and lighting it on fire.

The Alabama drone strike has been called the first major U.S. military offensive carried out on U.S. soil. Protestors are saying this is the first in what will be the beginning of a new War on Terror carried out against American citizens on American soil. “First the White House was taking strikes at the American-Muslim cleric in Yemen, and now they’re wiping out families in Alabama. All in the War on Terror. And it’s all OK because of the Patriot Act.”

A cool and calm Obama spoke reassuring words to the country. “We are close to defeating our number one enemy. Terrorism. This is an enemy that is not above hiding within our borders to destroy us from the inside. Many Americans tonight are not sure how they feel about the Alabama mission, but let me assure each and every one of you: this is not the norm, nor will it become the norm. The American government is not after American civilians, we are after those who are endangering American lives.”

The White House press corps erupted into a frenzy of noisy questions, but Obama held up a hand, and they quieted. “The networks of terrorism know no boundaries. Terrorism is not afraid of our borders, or our flag, or our citizens. It must be torn out at its roots at every level, at every stage, and in every continent.”

Over a month ago Obama mandated all America-Muslim Babies Have their Brains Scanned for Terrorist Tendencies

Questions were then asked by the press, and the first was about the mysterious pencil missile used by the Alabama drone strike. What is known about the deadly and highly precise “pencil missile” is that the sleek weapon was unleashed in late May of this year by the Pentagon. Very few reports exist about the missile that looks like a pencil. It is literally the size of a No. 2 pencil, but supposedly the weapon weighs nearly a pound.

I first wrote about the pencil missile in A Bomb Threat on Flag Day!

Obama answered the question by saying, “Our technology is getting better and allowing our military to make precision strikes on very specific targets. The better our technology gets, the fewer casualties there will be.” The pencil missile can allegedly destroy a “good-sized” living room without tearing apart the entire house.

Another reporter asked Obama if the White House’s evidence about the family in Alabama was infallible. “We knew,” Obama answered, “one hundred and ten percent. We would never risk an operation on U.S. soil without being one hundred and ten percent.”

Will this attack set precedent for future military attacks on U.S. soil? “Listen, we will root out terrorism or the ties of terrorism wherever we need to. A safe America is the only thing on my mind. American citizens have nothing to worry about. But the terrorists do. And we plan on keeping it that way.”

The president cut short his press conference and gave a heartfelt “God bless America” before leaving the podium.

More information is expected to emerge about the targeted family in Alabama as public outcry intensifies.