Obama, Progressive Racial Healing Fails Miserably

There is an anger and frustration seething in citizens and while lefties are usually the ones expressing such things, alarmingly I see more and more of it coming from bloggers who express conservative opinions or at least non-progressive opinions.

The ultimate taboo, the “N” word, is now rather commonly applied by some. Why? I would think everyone could agree this word is inflammatory far beyond almost any other in our language, yet here it is popping up in blog posts again and again. Of course it’s possible some of the appearances might be folks other than conservatives who are attempting to make conservatism look racist, but I don’t think that is the case here. And of course there are SOME racists in the conservative movement, but as I’ve written before, I used to know a large number of Democrat voters in the South who used the “N” word as every fifth word that fell from their lips. Racism can be found in any group.

My honest opinion is people are madder than Hell and “not going to take it anymore.” I do not in any way sanction or excuse such behavior, but I do understand it. This is the eventual end when the people running government pay lip service to racial healing and the merit of every opinion and position, yet the leader and his top apparatchiks then turn and elevate one group or a few groups over rank and file citizens, all the while demonizing citizens who do not fall into these easily identifiable groupings. The demonizing of white Americans and specifically Christians is to blame for this. How many times have we heard all this unfounded allegation of fear about the well being of Muslims in the US? It is a fact that violence and discrimination against Jews in the US is numerically higher than at Muslims and that includes even immediately after 9/11, so what gives?

We know the talking points of progressivism…the merit of all positions and opinions; everything is equal – moral relativism and all that, yet people who run government and lead the progressive movement elevate one racial, ethnic or social minority over another. Take the “class warfare” card. Since most of the nation are average middle class persons, to whom are progressives referring when they employ the class warfare card? It is presented that everyone who isn’t a minority or a progressive is guilty of abusing minorities.

The Wisconsin situation is a perfect example. Obama used the opportunity to imply that to oppose public sector union wages being so high above the wages of the taxpayer who pays the salaries, is somehow to demonize the public union workers. Progressives use division as a tool of electoral power. This puts truth to the lie of progressive concern of equality, merit for all points of view and that infamous “diversity” they go on and on about? It’s nothing more than an effort to cobble together political power by amalgamating disparate racial, ethnic and social concerns. Progressives use such groups to play to and say “those other people hate you – vote for us!”

Let me be clear…this tactic is being employed by progressives against all American’s who do not adhere to their social and political ends. The Arizona immigration law is another perfect example. Obama and progressives play to Hispanics hoping to win their political support by claiming that to oppose ILLEGAL immigration is somehow a racial or ethnic issue. How dishonest can they be? No chance that we might just be in favor of the laws on the books being enforced like every other nation on this rock does?

Have readers heard about the tough immigration stance on the Mexican/Guatemalan border? Mexico has built a wall. Is it racial? They are both Hispanic nations, so it isn’t race, yet if Americans favor enforcing our own Federal laws, progressives scream racism in an effort to win future political support from Hispanics. And it’s not just white people either. Malik Shabazz, head of the New Black Panthers goes on a racist inspired rant against Obama that would land a white man in jail. Shabazz calls him an “Uncle Tom,” the “N” word and plenty of other stuff. Click the link and listen.

Progressive efforts at political and ideological supremacy have coarsened our dialog. We’re at each others throats for myriad reasons and some of them damn good ones too! As I wrote yesterday, how many times can a man be pushed against a wall before he lashes back in fear and anger? I AM NOT excusing or rationalizing anything, but it is what it is. I believe American’s are seeing the light. They are fed up with such efforts. Citizens are damned angry at being called racists, haters and bigots. As evidenced by what I see on the blogs, people are losing their decorum and saying things that not too long ago one would rarely see.

This is the fault of our progressive leaders and their supporters. Seems to these people if destroying the moral fiber of the US is needed for them to win political supremacy, then so be it as far as they’re concerned. Only an uninformed fool or one who supports progressive nonsense would believe a word of this “equality” chatter the left pushes. They don’t want equality; they want supremacy and the resulting power.

People are madder than I have ever seen and I have been paying close attention to all this for 30 years. This will not lead to any place we wish to be but it seems we are going there anyway, thanks to progressives who will sacrifice all before their altar of power. Fight them or this whole nation will lose.