Obama Care Vs. Republican Care Vs. MB3P Affordable Family Health Care

The up-coming presidential elections are hinging on Healthcare reform that does away with Medicare from the Republican stand, and Obama care from the Democrats stand.

Many republicans are even leaving the sinking ship of the healthcare reform proposed by the republicans. One may ask the question: If we need to reform healthcare and yet not do away with Medicare, what alternatives do we have?

Introducing San Diego alternative: MB3P-Affordable Family HealthCare.

Used as a supplemental plan or as your main carrier for a Medical Billing payment plan. MB3P, (Medical Billing Payment Plan Provider), is a new local alternative to health reform.

For $300.00* a month you get medical billing payments with a medley of other benefits. Such as a fifty dollar referral fee any time you refer a new customer. Or a one time payment to your pockets for any pre-covered billing. In other words, let’s say you have insurance coverage at work but it doesn’t cover your family. You need to see a doctor and you go to the doctor that your job determines to be your healthcare provider. There you get the care you need and your job insurance carrier covers the cost and you pay nothing. Then, because you have an MB3P, you file a duplicate of the doctors billing and they make one of three choices for payment of the billing. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, all three of these choices offer to pay you cash money; even though the original billing was paid by your job’s insurance carrier.

As membership to MB3P increases, so do the benefits. When the membership reaches 2000 or more they promise added-in benefits like a one time college fund, or a one time home improvement fund, not to mention the already set benefit of bi-monthly dividends, or the ”¹…”Group of twenty Plan’s’ designated charity benefit, in which the entire group of twenty can receive the bi-monthly benefit payout.

In a time when money is hard to come by, its refreshing to see a company trying to give money back into your pockets where you can use it to your advantage. As a young New company that seeks local memberships to sustain its growth and feasibility, YOU are asked to see the big picture and take a chance rather than go to the BIG Money Insurance companies. This is not hard to see, for if just two people were to sign up, you would already have more money for your billing than if you were to pay the $300. Dollar monthly fee* directly to the billing department of the hospital you attended. Imagine what more member payments could accomplish.

In San Diego California we have choices. And need I point out that if you get this low cost family healthcare plan and use it, you can offset the cost of your medicare. And THAT is what it’s all about!