No More Skin Cancer when Using Banana Boat Surf UVA and UVB Sunblock Lotion

My husband Len was recently diagnosed with seven skin cancers. Four are melanoma, two basal cell and one pre-cancer, which they still want to remove. I told him that if he had use a sunscreen with a high SPF, these probably wouldn’t have happened.

I walk and swim every day, so was happy to buy Banana Boat Surf UVA and UVB Lotion. It has an AquaShield h2o protection, with a SPF 30. It states “eight hour waterproof.” I was lucky enough to get this in a discounted store for $2.

The tube is blue and green, with the Banana Boat logo. It states that it “waterproofs instantly, and is non-greasy.” The tube is 6 fluid ounce (177 ml).

We go to Treasure Island beach, which is 40 miles south of where we live, once a month and often stay at our timeshare. Before I even walk the beach at 7.30 a.m. I apply my sunscreen, as the sun rises while I am walking.

The sunscreen can either stand on the cap or be laid down. I flip the lid, and squeeze out some of the lotion. I am really surprised that it is called a lotion, because it is a really thick cream. It is white and has no fragrance. The Banana Boat Surf rubs in easily and doesn’t leave white greasy patches.

I then walk for two hours, come up to our apartment for breakfast, and then head back down to the beach. My this time the sun is hot. I walk in the water’s edge, paddle, and swim. When I come out of the water I can see bubbles of water on my skin, where the waterproof sunblock has stopped it from penetrating into my skin. I never towel dry myself, so the protection stays.

During the afternoon I swim in the pool, which is in the sun. After this I take a shower, and put shorts, and a top on. I then apply sunscreen to my face, neck, arms and legs. After an early dinner, I go back down to the beach and walk until the sun sets.

This works great for me. I never burn, and the Banana Boat Surf really does protect my skin for eight hours. Now if only I could have got Len to use it.

On the back of the tube it states:

“It is a non-greasy lotion that uses a unique blend of sun protectors to instantly create a waterproof shield on your skin. The sun protection works the moment you apply it. Because it lasts for 8 hours, it provides all day waterproof protection from the sun, in and out of the water.”

It is hypoallergenic. Blocks reflected rays.

*Active ingredients: Octinoxate 75 percent, Oxybenzone 6 percent, Octisalate 5 percent, Titanium Dioxide 3 percent.

It does tell you to reapply after prolonged swimming, excessive perspiration, vigorous activity or towel drying, which you would expect. Do not use on children under 6 months old unless directed by a doctor.

Tomorrow we head down to Treasure Island, and Len will be using the Banana Boat Surf UVA and UVB Sunblock Lotion. You can count on it.

For more information go to or telephone 1-800 SafeSun.

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