New Age Outlaws Win; Tomasso Ciampa Retains; And Barbed Wire Match Set for Summer Showdown

Over 300 fans packed the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts on June 10Th 2011, to watch the the stars of Top Rope Promotions battle it out, to settle scores, and gain supremacy. The crowd remained loud and vocal throughout the event, cheering loyally for their favorites, and jeering loudly at their enemies. The night was filled with grand surprises, special announcement and headlined by 7-time former WWF Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws.

The night opened with a terrific Interstate Title Match between the newly crowned champion, Vinny Marseglia, and the former champion “The Maestro” Guy Alexander. “The Maestro” received a warm and surprising reaction from the Fall River faithful. The reaction may have stirred the nerves of Vinny Marseglia. The rookie sensation looked to be shaken as he tried to draw support from his usual cast of TRP supporters. Despite a great effort, “The Maestro” was unable to reclaim the TRP Interstate Championship. Vinny Marseglia defeated Guy Alexander in 8 minutes and 32 seconds to remain the Interstate Champion.

Next up was a match between two of the younger stars in Top Rope, Matt Magnum and Lukas Sharp. From the start, Magnum was out to prove a point. He attacked his opponent with a fierce offense. Lukas Sharp, who usually teams with Shane Alden as part of The Social Networkerz, fought back with quick and innovative moves. Several times during the match, Magnum could be heard referring to Lukas Sharp as “Mike Bennett.” Matt Magnum and Mike Bennett have been feuding since January 1st, when Magnum attacked Bennett, his former trainer at The Lock-Up Pro Wrestling School. Magnum has been hell bent on scoring a pin over his former trainer, who he feels never gave him the time of day during his early training. Magnum used that anger to drive himself to victory, after he delivered and amazing dead lift German Suplex.

The third match of the evening was supposed to be Brother vs Brother, as Eric Alden challenged his brother and former tag partner Shane Alden. However, the match never got under way. As introductions were being made, the two wrestlers were battling through the lobby of the P.A.L. Hall in Fall River. Eventually, they made their way through the crowd. Like Moses parting the sea, the fans divided so that the two could fight their way to ringside. While at ringside, the begrudged Eric Alden beat Shane Alden to a pulp, landing vicious blows to the head of Shane. As the crowd roared in approval, Shane mounted a small defense, but his flame was quickly extinguished by Eric. The referee declared a No Contest, after repeated attempts to get the match officially started. It was announced later in the night that Eric Alden would be meeting Shane Alden in a barbed wire dog collar match on Summer Showdown. Summer Showdown will take place on August 5Th 2011, at the P.A.L. Hall in Fall River.

After the carnage from the Alden’s fight was cleared, familiar music blared over the loud speakers. The Wolf-pack theme song echoed throughout the P.A.L. Hall. The crowd held it’s breathe in anticipation. After the Scott Hall incident back on April 8Th, which resulted in nationwide negative publicity for Top Rope Promotions, the crowd was nervous that Scott Hall was about to make another infamous appearance. Instead, Gorgeous Gino Giovanni appeared. As Gino walked to the ring, mocking the drunk Scott Hall, the crowd both cheered and booed loudly. There was an obvious mixed reaction. Some fans thought Gino was right in calling out Scott Hall for his atrocious behavior at the last event. After all, it was during Scott Hall’s promo on April 8Th that he lambasted the Top Rope Promotions wrestlers by calling them a bunch of losers and even referred to the Fall River faithful as “wankers.” G3 then introduced his guests for the G-Spot, TRP Tag Team Champions The Freakshow. Adorable Gene Joseph came out and ran down Fall River, and challenged any two wrestlers in the back to come out and wrestle his giants. The challenge was answered by Brandon Webb and Owen Graichen. The two talented wrestlers gave it their best shot, but were soundly defeated by The Freakshow.

The Fall River Faithful were then treated to an incredible Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship. In the 30 years that TRP has been running shows in Fall River, there has never been a better championship bout than the one that took place on June 10Th. The champion, Tomasso Ciampa, and challenger Matt Taven, tore the roof off the building. The two were unrelenting, hitting each other with hard vicious blows and incredibly innovative maneuvers. The crowd was hot throughout the night, screaming for both Taven and Tomasso. It’s fair to say that the crowd was pretty evenly split on who they wanted to see come out on top in this heavyweight bout. In the end, it was Taven who got the win by DQ. Because of the disqualification, the belt does not change hands. After the 2ND referee called for the DQ, Commissioner Spike Dudley made his way down to the ring. He stated that Taven and Tomasso have been feuding for over a year and it’s time to have one final match. He announced that Taven would challenge for the title one more time, on August 5Th 2011, at TRP’s annual Summer Showdown event. The match will be a Fall River Street Fight. This means there will be no disqualification, no count-outs, falls count anywhere. And in a surprise twist, he announced he would be the special guest enforcer for the bout.

After a brief intermission, Scott Reed made his way to the ring for his bout against Prodigy Mike Bennett. Bennett, who is currently tearing the wrestling world as part of the national Ring Of Honor company, had two things to worry about coming into this match. One, of course, was Scott Reed. Reed is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world. He has worked for many of the top national organizations, including World Wrestling Entertainment. Secondly, for the last several months, Matt Magnum has been attacking Bennett during and after matches. So Mike Bennett had to watch his back. The match itself was a fantastic display of classic wrestling, mixed in with today’s more high impact and hard hitting style. The two veteran wrestlers were unrelenting, and gave the fans another incredible bout. The end came when Matt Magnum came down to the ring. Bennett, momentarily distracted, got rolled up by Scott Reed. Magnum then jumped into the ring and attacked Bennett. This time though, Bennett was ready. The two brawled for several minutes before Bennett got the upper hand, which caused Magnum to hightail it out of the ring. Bennett then called Magnum out. Bennett said that since Magnum was so obsessed with pinning him, he would give Magnum 3 opportunities. At Summer Showdown on August 5Th 2011, Mike Bennett will wrestle Matt Magnum is a two out of three falls match.

Up next was the much anticipated match between Luscious Latasha and Barbie. The two women wrestlers went straight after each other. The cat fight soon ended up outside the ring, where Barbie repeatedly threw Luscious into the steel guardrails. The match was unlike any other women’s match in the history of Top Rope. The two women really showed that ladies wasn;t just hair pulling and screaming. They beat the crap out of each other. Barbie ended up getting the win after hitting Latasha with 3 sit down body slams. Luscious has vowed to comeback and get revenge on Barbie.

The main event for the evening pitted Brutal Bob Evans and Gregory Edwards against the 7 time former WWF Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws. The Outlaws, Jesse James and Billy Gunn, were having fun with the crowd. They entertained the audience with their incredible mic skills and hilarious impressions of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Once the action got under way, the punches and kicks started to fly. However, it was The New Age Outlaws who were able to pull out the victory, after hitting The Fameasser. The Outlaws celebrated with the Fall River Faithful, happily singing autographs and taking pictures with the crowd.

The night ended on a great night. All the Top Rope wrestlers and staff pulled together to put on an incredibly successful and entertaining show for the 300 fans in attendance. Top Rope Promotions returns to the P.A.L. Hall on August 5Th, 2011 for their annual Summer Showdown event. Already signed for the event is the wild Fall River Street Fight between Tomasso Ciampa and Matt Taven for the Heavyweight Championship. Spike Dudley will be the special guest enforcer for this match. Plus, for the first time ever, Eric Alden versus Shane Alden in a Dog Collar Barbed Wire Match. In addition, Mike Bennett meets Matt Magnum in a two out of three falls bout. All this, plus much more to be announced in the coming weeks. Visit for more information.