Nerds: A Timeless Crunchy Colorful Candy

There is nothing better than that flavorful fruitful crunch of nerd. Actually, we have been crunching on these small delicious candies for over 20 years. Those of us born in the 80’s still chomp on them today and share them with our children. Nerds are available in a wide variety of flavors such as fruit punch, grape, strawberry and even sour flavors too.

Our favorite crunch candy, Nerds, was created in 1983 by Kevin Ruby Deering. Nerds were also labeled as candy of the year in 1985. Some of the flavors of nerds that were released in the 80’s include “hot and cold” which were a combination of cinnamon and wintergreen, blueberry and raspberry and lemon and lime. Other products that were created using nerds included nerds cereal (which was discontinued), rainbow nerds, nerds gum and nerds rope. In 1996, neon nerds were also created. Today, Nerds are currently sold by Nestle under the Willy Wonka label.

Nerds have always been cheap and affordable candy. They provide a quick sugar fix and even come in small enough boxes that can be hid in a coat pocket. Nerds are also low in calorie compared to a regular candy. With just a quick handful, its easy to get a small sugar high. While you can eat nerds plain, you can also use them in baking recipes too. Nerd cookies anybody? The sugary sweet nerds also make a nice snack when you are grueling away at the office. For those who have “secret candy drawers” in their office cubicles, Nerds always make a nice addition.

For those who worry about fat and calories-surprisingly, Nerds aren’t all that fattening-(aside from the sugar that is). A tablespoon of Willy Wonka’s rainbow nerds has 60 calories. Normally, when having some nerds, you only take out about half a handful anyhow. Also, there isn’t any fat or sodium in the sweet crunch candy either. Basically, when you are eating Nerds, the only cautions you need to worry about are the carbs and the sugar. So if you feel yourself dragging in the afternoon or right before lunch, grab a handful of nerds.

So as we continue to enjoy our guilty candy pleasure, Nerds, we can also pass this favorite sugary snack onto our children as well. When our kids go trick or treating or perhaps get candy in their stocking-we can introduce them to our favorite crunchy candy. As we share them with our children, we don’t have to feel too guilty about eating them right along with them… No matter how old we shall grow, nerds will always be a fun and simple candy snack to and share.