Neopets Spring Random Event: What is in a Spring Gift Basket?

Neopets has thrown their loyal players a rather tasty bone with the Spring Gift Basket random event. It is purely seasonal and after the spring months this lovely treat will become retired. There is a nice assortment of random items you could receive upon opening this festive treasure. A few of them are classified as ‘special’ and are only available through this item. The other items are regular rarities which will flood the market making this an excellent opportunity for hoarders.

How rare is the “Spring Gift Basket”?

Because it is like any other random event your chances are about as good as receiving a ‘ Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Bag‘, ‘ Nerkmid’, or that cute Chia fellow giving you a hat. Your chances are much better then receiving a visit from the Fountain Faerie or a Paint Brush falling from the sky.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting the Spring Gift Basket?

There are many ways to help the possibility of getting this special treat in a random event. Restocking is an excellent activity as you tend to have many shop windows open at once and refresh very often. I received mine from a sniping session while I was trying to hoard Daily Dare prizes. Playing Neoquest and Neoquest 2 are also great ways of getting a lot of random events due to every time you move your character you are refreshing the page. A few players received one simply from chatting on the boards! Anything that refreshes the page often is a good bet if you are attempting to nab this item in a random event.

Spring Gift Basket: The items

When the Basket first came out it was announced in the news with a preview of two items you can receive. The ‘Spring Snowbunny’ was the first to make Neopets players drool followed by ‘Spring Flowers Foreground’. The prices on the Spring Gift Basket shot quickly up to 250,000 Neopoints! It was then discovered upon opening a few that you could receive ‘ Chocolate Crown of Sinsi’ and Faerie Cybunny Morphing Potion which caused a huge inflation and the price to settle around 550,000 a pop! That is half a million Neopoints for a simple lucky random event. The common items worth hoarding include ‘Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Zafara’, ‘Milk Chocolate Krawk Coin’, ‘Orange Chocolate Grundo’, ‘White Chocolate Grarrl Teeth’, and ‘White Chocolate Nimmo’. Get them while the are cheap!

Is Spring Gift Basket a good item investment?

The Spring Gift Basket is only available for the spring months and is unlikely to be brought back next year. It is essentially going to retire and since you can open it the item is consumable. A one time use item that is of ‘special’ rarity is a good choice for investment. It could very easily be worth well over a million Neopoints in half a years time!