Need that Promotion? Grow a Mustache!

Attention, men! Are you struggling to get that promotion? Science says that growing a mustache or beard may be the solution. According a study published by Social Behavior and Personality: an International Journal, men with beards are seen as more experienced, more authoritative, more responsible, and more masculine. Another study performed by Quicken and the American Mustache Institute (yes, it is a real organization) states that men with mustaches earn as much as 4.3 percent more than their clean-shaven counterparts. Reuters reports that men with mustaches are also more likely to be hired at job interviews.

But if you’re looking to attract a mate, beware- according to a study by Professor Nick Neave at Northumbria University, and many online polls, most women find that full beards drastically take away from a man’s attractiveness. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be clean-shaven every day. It was strongly indicated in Neave’s study that, contrary to what shaving cream commercials would have you believe, women find a little stubble to be very sexy.

According to interviews, some women will actually refuse to date men with certain styles of facial hair. “Men with mustaches creep me out,” said an anonymous woman from New York, NY, “probably because I associate mustaches with evil megalomaniacs. I mean, name some famous guys with mustaches. The first guys that pop into my mind are Hitler, Stalin, and a few Disney villains. You rarely see good guys with them, which is why I find mustaches to be suspicious and untrustworthy- not the kind of guy I’d want to date. It also feels scratchy and unpleasant to kiss a guy with a mustache.”

That being said, a minority of women find certain types of facial hair to be irresistibly attractive- “I definitely find a goatee on a guy a huge turn on,” says Nancy J. But in most cases, women stated that their attraction to mustachioed men goes on a case-by-case basis. One woman who declined to be identified said, “It honestly depends on how a man looks without facial hair. A man that’s attractive without a beard will look just as sexy with one, but if a guy is ugly to begin with, adding a beard will make him look even more ugly, if not downright creepy- and Freddy Mercury is the only man I’ve ever seen who looks good with a mustache.”

While embarking on a facial-hair-growing adventure, keep in mind that different kinds of beards and mustaches leave different impressions, and that some are more sensible and trustworthy than others. Keeping it well-maintained and manicured should certainly take a precedent if you’re growing a beard to get a job- no one wants to see a straggly, unkempt neck-beard. A Billy Mays beard is usually seen as more trustworthy than a soul patch or goatee, and common sense dictates that a traditional full upper-lip mustache vastly outdoes the pencil-thin line and the Hitler-stache any day of the week.

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