Must Have Bath and Beauty Items for the College Student

It is time to ship your student off to college, and you are likely wondering what you should send with them. You don’t want to buy out the local drug store, or over crowd their room, so you will want to stick with the basics. This list can also be used to give a gift to a departing college student. I know my niece surely appreciated the toiletry package I presented her with. Keeping in mind that you should be aware of their favorite brands when shopping, as well as skin allergies, here are the must have bath and beauty items for the colleges student:

Hair: Shampoo and conditioner is a must have for college. Depending on their hair type and hair care regimen, they will need from one to three 8 ounce bottle of each per month. If they are your child, you will able to calculate how much shampoo they use per month. Keep in mind that guys use a lot less conditioner. Plus don’t forget the hair gels, sprays, and oils. You will very likely fill up an entire storage cube with just these items.

Shaving: An electric shaver may be the easiest thing to use away from home. There are great inexpensive shavers for both guys and girls. If your child has preferences for shaving creams and razors, however, can purchase a case of each.

Soap and skin care: Bath gel will be a lot more sanitary than wrestling with bars of soap in community bathroom situations. A case of 8 ounce bottles in their favorite brand will do. Don’t forget to grab a few shower scrunchies as they make the soap last a whole lot longer. A few bottles of basic facial cleanser and moisturizer with sun block will keep them looking fresh-faced all year.

Towels: Beach towels, purchased in end of the summer clearance sales make great bathsheets for college students. A pile of these all in the same pattern and a 12 pack of washcloths will last all year.

Makeup: Girls are probably purchasing their own makeup, but in case you want to help them stock up, purchae a few bottles or compacts of foundation, and a palette for eye and cheek color. Consider purchasing E.L.F. makeup “books” that are great for optimum space saving storage options.

Dental: Students will need a dozen toothbrushes as they need to change them every 6 weeks, plus whenever they catch a cold. You don’t want to keep putting cold and flu germs back in your mouth. They will also need a dozen tubes of toothpaste, and floss. Consider adding dental rinse and mouthwash for optimal dental hygiene. Fortunatly, you can get many of these items on special (with a few week’s notice) and at the dollar store.

Misc: Your student will need a manicure set for cutting and filing finger and toenail. Shower flip flops, a shower caddy with drain holes, and feminine products (for girls).

Optional items: Your student may want a hanging mirror, foot powder to prevent athletes foot and stinky shoes, and hair appliances to straighten and/or curl their hair.