MTV’s 30th Birthday: An Update on MTV’s Forgotten Stars

When you think of the early days of MTV, you may think of the original VJs (Martha Quinn, anyone?) or notorious “Real World” cast members like peanut butter tainter, Puck Rainey.

But back in the day, plenty of other stars had their 15 minutes of fame (or more!) during the music network’s infancy stages. Heck, some of them even moved on to bigger and better post-MTV careers.

As we celebrate the 30th birthday of MTV, here’s a look back at some of the network’s forgotten stars.

China Kantner

The daughter of Jefferson Starship’s Grace Slick and Paul Kantner, China was only fifteen years old when she started working as a VJ at MTV in the late 1980s. But after several years as a mini VJ, she was gone. Kantner dabbled in acting in the 1990s (eagle eyed fans caught her on “Home Improvement”), but later left showbiz to go to grad school, where she studied theology.

Dweezil and Moon Zappa

Gag me with a spoon! More rock and roll offspring, Frank Zappa’s daughter (yes, the one of “Valley Girl” fame!), and her brother Dweezil were frequent guest VJs on MTV in the 1980s. These days Moon is an actress, writer and artist (her website showcases her work), and is married to Matchbox Twenty guitarist, Paul Doucette. Dweezil Zappa followed in his dad’s rock and roll footsteps, taking his classic “Apostrophe” album on tour–with a guest appearance by his big sis.

Jack Noseworthy

MTV’s first foray into scripted sci-fi drama was short-lived with the series “Dead at 21,” but in 1994 it made actor Jack Noseworthy a familiar face on the network. That same year he appeared in Bon Jovi’s steamy “Always” video, further putting him on the MTV map. Noseworthy still works as a movie actor, most recently in the Bruce Willis flick, “Surrogates.”

Stephen Colletti

We all know how Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad fared, but how about the boy who had them cat- fighting back on the first season of MTV’s “Laguna Beach?” That would be Stephen Colletti, who may have moved on from MTV but not from TV. Colletti’s actually an actor now (remember, he “wasn’t” one on “Laguna”) and is now a regular on “One Tree Hill.”

Ken Ober

He hosted MTV’s first game show, “Remote Control” which featured a bevy of pop culture trivia (what other game show had an entire category devoted to “Brady Bunch Physics?”), prizes like Huey Lewis CDs and, oh yeah, Colin Quinn. Sadly, Ober passed away in 2009, but his show left an eternal mark on MTV.

Andre Comeau

The first season of MTV’s “Real World” featured seven strangers picked to live in a loft and have their lives taped. One of them was Andre, the pretty-boy lead singer of the band Reigndance. But while future “Real Worlders” extended their MTV fame by competing on “Real World Challenges” (Tonya and Paula, we’re looking at you!) Andre all but disappeared from the MTV universe. Comeau told Reality TV Magazine that when he was on “The Real World” he related more to the production crew than his housemates and that his exposure on the show didn’t exactly help his band (“MTV at that time was all about Nirvana, Pearl Jam and that scene,” he said.) Today Comeau is still making music with his latest band, River Rouge.

Cindy Crawford

The supermodel may be best known for her sultry 1980s magazine spreads, but back in the early 90s Cindy Crawford actually hosted MTV’s premiere fashion show, “House of Style.” Her stint on MTV lasted six years– an eternity on the network– and featured interviews with celebs like Will Smith (on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” set, no less) and behind the scenes scoop from Paris Fashion Week. Best of all, it proved for us once and for all that supermodels could talk!

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