MMORPG Gold Mine!

The further our civilization advances, the more people are interested we become in digital products. To some people, it seems strange. For other people, it’s a gold mine. Ever since the first MMORPG (Mass multiplayer online role playing game) was released, game developers have realized how much money can really be made with MMORPGs. There are more new MMORPGs released every year than any single console game. The reason for this is that for the developers an MMORPG is a nice way to make a passive income. You program a game. It may take a few years, but when it’s done, players will play it for years and spend money on it.

We all see the “free to play” MMORPGs all over the place. The thing about these are they always have an item shop or something similar. Even though you don’t pay a monthly subscription and you may not have paid for the download, the fact is the game developers will usually find a way to make the shopping mall an important part of the game. By an online game using an item mall instead of a monthly subscription, they have the potential to make much more money! I have played some games were people pay $500 to $1,500 USD a month just to keep getting stronger, and they are OK with this because it’s “free.” Now I don’t know about you, but paying that much a month definitely isn’t free. I can pay quite a few bills with that kind of money.

Don’t be mistaken though. Game developers aren’t the only ones who can make money online with MMORPGs. The players have started making money with the games by playing them! There are people who make $8 to $10 an hour playing these MMORPGs. Albeit, it’s not really much money, but think about it this way. Let’s say you actually have a steady income of $8 an hour playing an MMORPG. You work eight hours a day, and seven days a week (the Internet doesn’t take breaks), your monthly gross income would be $1,792! That’s not bad for an online job.

So how do people do it? Pretty easily. They buy and sell game currency, accounts and items. There are Web sites all over the place that do this exact same thing. Often, the people who do this are from a foreign country, but I have a few friends who do it as well. I have a friend who is addicted to World of Warcraft, and the thing is he doesn’t like playing on high level characters. He likes to see how fast he can get to level 85. Crazy right? Well, he’s actually turned this into a very lucrative business. Right now it takes him around three to five weeks to get one character to level 85. He can then sell the character for anywhere between $60-$120. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot for three to five weeks’ worth of work, but he also sells some of the rare items he collects and the gold he gathers. In general, in those three to five weeks, he will make around $800. That’s not bad for doing something you love!

There is money to be spent and money to be made working online. There is no doubt in that. The thing is knowing how. The world record right now is held at $330,000 for a digital item! It was on a game called Planet Calypso that is part of the Entropia Universe. That is a huge amount of cash to drop for a single game. So yes, online gaming is a gold mine right now, and there is money online to be made and online jobs to be found. In my opinion. We are just seeing the beginning of this trend.