Mistakes that Could Cost Obama the Presidential Reelection

President Obama keeps overspending, and he still wants to raise the limit of money to spend. That could not be enough reason for a lot of people to avoid voting for him. The same thing happened with George W. Bush and he’s still got the presidential reelection.There are different things that President Obama is trying to improve now in order to gain the vote from people and get the presidential reelection.

The bad thing is that he’s starting to remember these people now that he’s looking for the presidential reelection, and some people may be too upset to give their vote to him. This is a short list of mistakes that President Obama did, and could cost him a lot of votes.

He stopped being the technological candidate.
When Obama wanted to appeal young Americans, he started to act like one and most of them felt identified by Obama’s actions. He used emails, his famous Blackberry, and he knew how to get in touch with everybody through technology. Once he got elected, he stopped doing it.

Now that he’s looking for the presidential reelection, Obama announced that he’s about to open a Twitter account to get in touch with Americans. Is that going to be enough to get reelected?

He has admitted that his job is too difficult.
In several occasions President Obama has said that he misses the good old Sunday mornings in which he could have a walk around the neighborhood without having a bunch of people following him. He’s also admitted that sometimes he really thinks that one term is enough, but he’s got more work to do in order to gain the presidential election.

When you admit that you’re tired of your job, but you have to continue because you don’t like the idea of leaving it unfinished, that’s not a good sign. The presidential reelection is said to be more difficult than a regular election, imagine how it would be if you’re doing it because you just have to.

He passed the Health Care Bill.

This is possibly the worst thing he could have done now that he wants the presidential reelection. Passing the Health Care Bill cost the Democratic Party the majority in Congress. People were angry at this bill and they showed it during the elections of 2010. While pursuing the presidential reelection, Barack Obama needs to leave the ghost of the Health Care Bill behind, otherwise he could end up losing the White House.

What do you think? Will Obama get the presidential reelection or not?