Miss Jessie’s Hair Care Line in Australia- Black Hair Care Australia

Known for providing the best darn curls ever, Miss Jessie’s range of Quick Curls and Curly Puddings has now arrived down under. When I first tried this product line I was met with mixed reviews. While most envy my role here at Black Hair Care Australia as the official product reviewer, my job is not always easy. Specially when the reviews you’ve read about the product you are about to try are not so great.

I recently underwent the big chop in December 2010. Inspired by several of my friends living in Australia, I thought I would bite the bullet and set my natural hair free. I applied Aphogee and Carol’s Daughter religiously to my hair. Now in my 6 month, I have gorgeous shoulder length natural curls.

Miss Jessie’s product line is meant to enhance your curls, and give your thirst roots a boost in moisture.

The journey to the best darn curls ever began with the Super Sudsy Shampoo followed by the Sweet Back Treatment. I wasn’t a fan of the shampoo as I found it instantly dried out my hair. I have been using no-poo’s and chemical free shampoos for the last six months, so I knew instantly the shampoo wasn’t on my A list.

The Sweet Back Treatment has a very strong peppermint scent. It’s not otally unpleasant, but is unexpected. The treatment is placed in your hair, massaged into your roots, steamed in the shower and then rinsed out. This made my hair feel amazing. It was soft and full of body once I rinsed it out.

The product guide provided gave me a list of puddings and creams to use. Wanting to maintain my desired look “spiral curls” on A4 hair, I finished with the application of the Curly Butter Creme and styled my hair in a two twist.

The product gives instant moisture, is soft and creamy and really enhanced my curls. The real treat was the next morning when I took out the two strands. My hair looked amazing. The product maintained the moisture in my hair for a surprising 5 days. I freshened my look by apply the Butter Creme to dry hair did a re-twist and was able to rock my new look for a further 3 days.

First time use always gains praise for any hair care product. With this in mind I used the Miss Jessie’s line for a further 3 weeks. The results were exactly the same. My hair has grown an additional inch. However, I won’t put that strictly to using Miss Jessie’s. But I do have to credit them in the breakage department. I have not had a single split end or broken follicle.

I would give Miss Jessie’s Product line a 4 1/2 stars. Partially because of the shampoo.

Everyone should definitely give them a try.