Military Discount and Review of Rave Motion Pictures

Type of Business- Entertainment and Food

Chain- Yes

Location- Nationwide, the one I usually go to is 99 Redstone Rd. Manchester, CT 06045

Telephone Number- (860) 646-4555

Pricing- -$7.00 for any game movie before 3 pm and $10.75 after


Military discount-

Military personnel receive all movie tickets they purchase for the matinee price. That’s nearly $4.00 off for one ticket. The theater usually charges my girlfriend for the same rate as well. That means $8.00 saved each trip.


Movie ticket pricing is ridiculous nowadays; however, from working in the industry, I know that it’s not the movie theaters fault. The movie theaters themselves only make about a dollar per ticket sold. So the movie industry itself in the issue with high ticket prices. The lack of money made for each ticket is the reason why the food and drinks are so expensive. The theater makes almost all their money from concession sales and marketing on the screens before movies start. A little bit of knowledge for you before I get on with my review.

I do love going to the movies and really love the Buckland Hills Rave Theater. I have a rather large big screen television at home with some decent speakers; however, nothing can compare to the beauty of that huge movie screen and the digital surround sound. Being in the military is a great pay off because I do go to the movies so often and saving $8.00 a trip is a great deal. All military personnel get matinee prices for their tickets and I almost always get the same discount when my girlfriend is with me.

The movies with the IMAX screens are bit more expensive at Rave Motion Pictures. About half the time I am able to get a cool usher that only charges me for a children’s ticket, but, the other half of the time, I end up paying full price.

The Buckland Hills’ Rave Motion Pictures (in Manchester, CT) is a bit different then most movie theaters. They have the normal concession which is highly overpriced candy, popcorn, etc. and there is not discount there; however, there is also a second concession in the main lobby. At the second concession they serve Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Starbuck’s coffee based drinks and Nathan’s deep fried food. This is a great added bonus. This other concession food is also overpriced but it is worth it if you are on the run and need a quick snack that is better than candy and popcorn.

This Rave Theater also has it’s own bar attached to the location. The bar does not serve food but it has a full bar. This bonus makes for a great excuse to go to the theater a bit early and tie a couple off before your movie starts. The drinks are too high priced either.

Buckland Hills’ Rave Motion Pictures is pretty immaculate compared to most theaters. The concession lines are never that long and, while venturing into the game room, I noted that I have never seen a game broken. Every screen in the theater shows 100% true digital projection and the screens are huge. And the best part are that it is never that crowded in the theater.

I have ventured into many movie theaters in my time and I have to say that the Buckland Hills’ Rave Motion Pictures does it right. The added bonus of getting a military discount here is great too but I really would not need it to visit this theater often.