Mike Huckabee for President 2012? Interview About South Carolina Debate, a Balkanized GOP, & Being Chased by Dogs

During an appearance on Fox News, Mike Huckabee spoke of his feelings on a 2012 presidential run, on the state of Republicans, and habitually being chased by wild dogs. He also talked about why he did not participate in the first Republican presidential primary debate in South Carolina. The South Carolina forum last night has been called the B-list Republican debate, where ‘secondary’ GOP hopefuls like Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty duked it out over questions of the federal deficit, the war in Afghanistan, and the death of Osama bin Laden.

When asked during the interview if there had been a decision made about Huckabee for President 2012, the Huck replied, “It’s internal, do I really want to put my family and myself through this process? And do I believe that Republicans can do something other than Balkanize themselves, I worry about that … because there seems to be this sense of fracture where people want you to be everything or nothing.” But no man is an isle unto himself. And Huckabee is still officially undecided about a 2012 run.

To have participated in Thursday night’s debate in South Carolina, Huckabee would have had to register “a presidency exploratory committee or have announced a formal campaign for president.” The former governor said he had no regrets about not taking part in the event. Within the next one to two months, Huckabee will be announcing whether or not he will run for president.

Huckabee was pressed by the Fox News host about making an official announcement during the interview. “Come on, Mike, what’s it going to be? Can we expect a Huckabee for President in 2012?” The former governor paused, and in a rather touching moment, enhanced by the psychedelic swirls of gaudy red, white, and blue lights, Huckabee admitted he was fearful of leaving his home and going back out on the road. “But you gave one hell of a run in 2008, you did quite well, especially in Iowa,” the interviewer said. “I didn’t see any fear in 2008.”

“I’ve been repeatedly chased by dogs everywhere I go,” Huckabee said. The tone of the interview became somber. “I don’t understand why dogs bark at me as I halt by them. Am I so lame and unfashionable that even the dogs wish to attack me?” The interviewer looked puzzled but let the Huck continue. “I usually end up running, with the dogs behind me, nipping at my heels.”

Huckabee took a moment to wipe his brow, which glistened in the red, white, and blue lighting. “After I outrun the dogs, I sometimes catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and I see a sweaty old man, heavier-set than he should be. That is when I descant on mine own political deformity.” The interviewer held up a hand, but Huckabee had one last thing to say: “Don’t count me out yet. I cannot prove a lover, but I might give a go at proving a politician. I’m mulling over a 2012 presidential run, but don’t start making Huckabee 2012 t-shirts, not yet. And if I do, I will be wearing my running gear to every campaign fundraiser and event.”

Last month Ed Rollins, who served as Huckabee’s campaign manager in 2008, told the Daily Beast: “Governor Huckabee is considering a presidential race seriously.” He added, “Personally, it’s my sense that he’ll go for it this time. But Mike does have an aversion to dogs. He’s scared to leave the house. Actually, let me clarify, dogs have an aversion to Mike. We don’t know why. But I assure you we won’t let him get mauled.”