Messsage-In-A-Bottle Wedding Place Markers

Thinking of making your own place cards for the wedding reception tables? That shouldn’t be hard to do, but if you can’t think of a unique way to mark the places, it can be a bit challenging. Place cards used to be just a simple piece of card stock but now they’re often something totally different than that. For a wedding, in particular, it’s nice to mark places with something unique and pretty.

Have you seen some of the adorable, little glass bottles you can now purchase at a craft store, discount department store or dollar-theme store? These places feature a nice selection of small bottles which have corks. Those are perfect for making message-in-a-bottle wedding table place markers that look like no others. And, the guests can take their place markers home with them as a memento of the wedding.

The message-in-a-bottle markers are perfect for a beach-theme wedding but also an elegant or casual wedding. There are lots of ways to make them so you’ll have no trouble tying in the theme of the bottles with the theme of the wedding.

One way to make a message bottle is to simply write or print-out a message on paper. The message can be a favorite poem, a “love” quote, or can just say the name of the bride and groom. You also have the option to just use a plain piece of paper that has no message.

Roll the paper into a tube shape that will fit easily into the bottle. Use a couple of tiny pieces of tape to secure the roll. With the tape side sitting down on a table write the name of one guest on the side of the scroll. Lay the bottle on one side (bottles with a flat side are ideal). Use tweezers to slide the message into the bottle and position it so that you can easily see the name. If you want, before sliding the message into the bottle, add a dot of glue so that it will stick to the inside glass.

Make a beach-theme message-in-a-bottle by first filling the bottle about halfway full of sand. You can embellishments, like tiny shells, if you want, by using tweezers to position them. Slide the scroll into place, on the sand, making sure the name is easily visible.

For a more elegant wedding – one where sand might not be appropriate – consider filling the tiny bottle with tiny flowers, gold glitter or even beads. Place the scroll inside and set the bottle on a napkin, on a plate at the table.

The message-in-a-bottle is a unique way to guide your guests to their seats at the reception. It also makes a cute memento that each guest will cherish.

See a message-in-a-bottle place marker here.