Meaning and Emotion: “Hearts on Fire” Diamonds

All too often, the eager and hopeful groom-to-be heads to a jewelry store to pick out the perfect ring without knowing what he’s buying. In the midst of jeweler’s jargon–clarity, marquise cut, pear cut, trillion cut, VSI, SI2, 77 points–it can be a complex mess to understand what exactly you are getting in a diamond.

For those who want the best of the best–consider simply the Hearts on Fire collection of diamonds. It’s more than just a “brand name” or a new marketing trend–it’s the closest to a perfect diamond you can get, at surprising reasonable prices.

Every Hearts on Fire diamond is hand-crafted; in fact, as of 2011, there are less than 400 master jewelers in the entire world over that are even capable of cutting these very rare diamonds. From rough stones, only the top 1% of diamonds are considered eligible to be cut as Hearts on Fire diamonds–they are knot-free, fair-trade compliant, and even as raw stones they are purely refined. The select 400 who then cut the diamonds do so under 100x magnification. Standard diamonds, to compare, are cut at 10x magnification. It takes these craftsmen four times as long to cut these uniquely configured stones to ensure the perfect cut that does not “leak light” through the diamond but instead reflects light brilliantly and exquisitely. Facets are exactly placed to ensure the perfect proportion to the diamond and, when these facets are perfectly aligned, a ring of matched hearts can be seen from the bottom of the diamond along with what is called a “Fireburst” that can be viewed across the table of the diamond. The Hearts on Fire diamond is also aptly referred to as the “Ten Table Diamond” because it is fashioned so perfectly and with so much fire that its gleam can be seen ten tables away. No longer is the diamond a stone or “a rock”–it is a piece of art, individually sculpted, and certified perfection.

Hearts on Fire diamonds evoke an intensity of emotion unlike any other diamonds. They are finished with an adamantine polish–the most brilliant luster that can be added to only the most well-cut stones–which is achieved through a combination of traditional and modern techniques, such as olive oil and diamond dust solutions and vibration technology, all of which secure to you, and to your beloved, perfection and timeless devotion with all the intensity of passion you have for each other. For locations near you where you can view these incredible diamonds, please visit for photos and more information.