Marilyn Manson and Columbine

If you ever don’t want to talk to anybody, one of the best things you can do is put on a Marilyn Manson shirt and make sure that the rest of your outfit is black. People will leave you alone in the same way that they would if you were a rabid animal.

Yeah, the simple behavior of wearing a shirt with Manson displayed will get you the same reaction that an animal with a spreadable virus generates. The police might even be called in both cases. You would, after all, be on the side of evil if you showed that you supported the performer in any way.

Of course, the fact that Manson was somehow connected to the Columbine murders puts a bad taste in people’s mouths. It all started much earlier than that though. He was featured on the January 23, 1997 cover of Rolling Stone. This was well before Columbine.

However, the whole demonizing of Manson was unwarranted. As said, in the second paragraph here, Manson is a performer. It’s all an act. His real name is not Manson. It’s a stage name. That, along with his performance, was all put together to create a musical act never seen before. Because he was the first, it worked. It can also be argued that there has never been another like him since. In other words, Manson was a genius.

Sure, he came up with the lyrics and planned how his performances would go. He probably felt what he conveyed even. Still, it’s a performance. He is not responsible for what others take from his music. Many people can feel many different things when listening to the same song. How would an artist ever know what his listeners are actually hearing?

More than that, many people feel they can relate to what Manson is singing about. They feel a powerful connection. Typically, these people are very young or are being picked on. This is not Manson’s fault. He probably felt the same way at one time. In reality, he gives them a voice. Without his voice, they are weak and powerless. The two words probably describe a young Manson pretty well. He got power through his lyrics. That was how he fought back.

This is more of an indictment of society than anything else. It speaks of the popular kids picking on the losers in high school. They pushed the outcasts even further out from their already distant spot on the high school ranking scale. It also takes into account the bad jobs done by the parents. How did they not know that their kids were mad about their place in life? If they thought the music was so bad, why weren’t they there to talk to their children? Maybe, they didn’t really care until it was too late. By that time, they could blame the musicians. Of course, they wouldn’t put the blame on themselves.

No artist, including Manson, should have been deemed at-fault. Manson was just the prime target and therefore got a lot of bad publicity. People, without even hearing any of his songs, saw him as the devil. Even before the Rolling Stone cover he was looked at as a bad guy by the mainstream. Columbine just magnified this feeling.

People listen to Manson for a variety of reasons. The job of a performer is to entertain. Manson obviously does this. In the meantime, he probably helps a lot of people. They connect to his music. What they do with it is their choice.

There are many people that share some of the responsibility. The parents definitely could have handled the situation better. If they were in their children’s lives and they had good relationships, do you think the kids would have done what they did? Would they be blaming an artist if, in fact, they were good parents?

No matter how bad the parents were, the kids who actually did the shootings should hold the most blame. They were the ones who shot at their classmates. Maybe they were overwhelmed but in the end, it was their decision. If Manson was such a bad influence on them, why didn’t they turn away? The fact is they were very troubled. Their actions prove it. If they were your average kids, there is no way music would push them over the edge. Even if they were slightly troubled, they would not have gone to such extremes. Manson didn’t get them there. It was all their doing. With no parental supervision they couldn’t temper that anger.

It’s funny to hear people blame Manson yet they let their kids play video games where there are actual shootings. In fact, the points of the games are to shoot others in order to win. They will also let their youngsters watch movies where there are killings and no real plot. The purpose of the movie is just to kill. How do these parents separate those forms of entertainment and deem them okay?

In truth, they deem them okay until there is a problem. They don’t think about different consequenes until it is too late. They push their kids to those video games and movies to keep them entertained. It is easier than actually talking to their kids about problems they may be having. Instead of then taking the blame for not actually being involved in their kids lives they blame these forms of entertainment that they pushed on their kids in the first place.

The fact of the matter is if your kids know more about Marilyn Manson and idolize him more than they do you, there is a problem. It’s not Manson’s fault. In fact, he is doing his job better than you are doing yours. In many cases, he is probably helping them a lot more than you are. That is the reason that they turn to him. If you see this as a problem, stop it. If not, don’t blame the artist for doing anything wrong.