Make a Coke Bottle Centerpiece

New and unique party decorations, favors or place markers can be expensive and time-consuming if multiples are needed. Make Coke bottle centerpieces that can double as favors and/or place markers. Several of these centerpieces can be completed in an afternoon. I used old Coke bottles that I had picked up at a yard sale, but juice or other glass beverage bottles can easily be substituted.

Things You Will Need:

Old Coke bottle
Painter’s tape
Black chalkboard paint
Razor blade
Craft glue
Ribbon or fabric trim
Cricut, Cricut cartridge, or flower die-cuts
Decorative paper
Silk flower stem
Wire cutters
2-inch-wide ribbon

Step 1
On old glass Coke bottles there is a smooth surface that bands around the middle with the Coke logo printed on it. The area above and below this band has vertical grooves. Wrap a strip of painter’s tape around the top edge of the band and the bottom edge. Press the edges down well to prevent paint from seeping under the tape. If paint does bleed under the edge, it can be scraped off with a razor blade when dry.

Step 2
Paint the smooth surface between the tape using black chalkboard paint. Allow the paint to dry and repeat if necessary. Peel off the tape. Apply a thin line of craft glue around the top and bottom edges of the painted band. Lay ribbon or fabric trim of your choice in the glue and around the band.

Step 3
Choose a daisy, sunflower or other simple flower design from your favorite Cricut cartridge or other personal die-cutting machine cartridge. You could also use purchased die-cut flowers. Cut four, 3-inch flowers using a paper and paper color of your choice. I used light yellow wallpaper scraps.

Step 4
To give your flowers more dimension, curl the petals with the blade edge of your scissors using the same method you use for curling ribbon. Apply a dot of craft glue on the center front of one flower. Center another flower over the glue. Turn the top flower slightly so that the petals are offset. Set aside the remaining two flowers.

Step 5
Apply craft glue to the center of the top flower. Place a button over the glue and allow it to dry.

Step 6
Lay the Coke bottle on its side. Apply a dot of craft glue to the center of the black band. Place the finished flower in the glue and allow it to dry. The flower is the front of the centerpiece.

Step 7
Remove the flower from the end of a silk flower stem. Do not remove the leaves. Apply a dot of craft glue to the center of one of the remaining die-cut flowers. Lay the tip of the flower stem in the glue. Apply another dot of glue over the tip of the stem and place the last die-cut flower over the glue. Add a dot of glue to the center of the flower and place a button in the glue. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 8
Using wire cutters, cut the bottom of the stem to allow the flower and the leaves to peek out the top of the bottle. Place the flower stem in the bottle.

Step 9
Cut an 18-inch length of 1 1/2-inch-wide ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the neck of the bottle and tie the ends into a bow. Trim the ends of the bow as desired.

Step 10
If using the bottle as a place marker, write the guest’s name on the painted back of the bottle using chalk. This could also be a place to write a word of inspiration.

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