Made in America Means How America is Made

Personally I am tired of all the excuses for the economy; the bottom line is WE sold out America for cheap foreign made goods. We closed our factories, depressed our economies and made other countries such as China richer with American dollars because we were silent when agreements such as NAFTA took place. We were quiet when we shopped at places such as Wal Mart and Target oohing and ahhing over prices.

Made in America took a backseat to Made in China, Vietnam and other countries. We blame shareholders who wanted bigger profits, politicians who wanted this and that, but in the end we need to blame ourselves for allowing America to be sold to other nations. Whatever position we believed America to be in the past, we have a different reality today. Unemployment rates, higher than I can ever remember refuse to take a permanent downward spiral and most average people struggle with simply living in stressful work environments, or struggle to work to make ends meet, or struggle to find a job.

Today many Americans including myself are unemployed, with a whole group that have given up the possibility of ever securing a good long term job. Almost all jobs in America are economy driven and when one sector of the economy fails, other sectors can be adversely impacted. This past job I had in Social Services which ended on July 29, was impacted by State budgets and the fact Texas had some hard choices to make. Didn’t matter that I worked nights and weekends, or that I received and performance excellence award the day before. Numbers are numbers and people are numbers.

I want America to regroup itself and take a hard look at some practices we have continued to promote even though they are working adversely in America. I want foreign aid to be examined carefully because whatever reasons politicians continue to give for supplying dictators, police states, chaotic situations or arming insurgents cannot be as important as the reasons for keeping our money in America. The billions and billions lost to corruption worldwide could fund education, health care, feeding families, creating jobs and so forth.

Trade needs to be re examined to understand how we allowed America’s manufacturing to take such an adverse position in the eyes of Americans and the world. Americans failed also to realize that though American goods were higher priced, we purchased a piece of America in the process. Tax dollars, dollars we made and spent in our communities allowed our communities to flourish. We forgot that Made in America means How America is Made.

We need to examine Immigration and make some tough decisions regarding the millions and millions of people, many of them good people who entered this country for whatever reasons and realize that in order for America to maintain law and order, laws must be enforced, as painful as this enforcement may be. We cannot continue to bring in the world’s mass populations nor provide these same people with services and money we cannot offer our own citizens. We will NEVER be able to determine the future of any country, but our own.

We need to bring our troops home and have them patrol borders as do militaries in most of the world. These patrols will stop part of the flow of illegal immigration and avert the horrible drug wars from eventually spilling over into the US as well as stop more of the drug traffic. We tried in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places to change the course of their governments, trying desperately to instill our beliefs in Democracy in places far removed from these very beliefs that may NEVER become democratic. Why not simply focus on making America stronger economically and socially?

Finally we need to elect politicians who live our lives and dream our dreams. Most politicians in America become entangled in lobbies, special interests, pork bellies and have forgotten the very people they represent. They have retirement benefits more generous than the average American citizen. They outlive their usefulness, mud sling and fight each other. Several lately have resigned because of sex scandals. We desperately need politicians who have the best interests of the American people at heart.

Americans we can no longer be silent. We need to reset the course of America and speak out. We need your votes, your calls, your emails and letters saying we need, want and demand change. America was once great and can be great again, but we need to work together and raise the flag tall once more.