Macbook Pro: The Most Awesome Laptop I Ever Owned

Living with my new Macbook Pro laptop is like learning to live with my engagement ring. They’re both shiny and attract a lot of attention. I find myself staring at my Macbook Pro laptop as much as I used to stare at my engagement ring. Similar to my engagement ring being the best piece of jewelry I ever owned, despite the learning curve associated with trying to live with it, my Macbook Pro is the best laptop I ever owned.

Before I purchased it, everyone said I’d hate learning how to use a Mac computer. I’ve found it does make me a bit less efficient, since I am learning the commands. Despite this, I love working on my Macbook Pro Laptop because it’s attractive, lightweight and keeps a charge all day long. As a busy, work at home mom, the Macbook pro suits my lifestyle.

My wedding ring is a princess cut 3/4 carat and snags on things, scratches myself and others, but I do love wearing it. Living with my Macbook pro is like living with my engagement ring because I have to be careful with them both. With the Macbook though, I am more worried about the beautiful, shiny casing being scratched while with my ring scratches others.

6 Reasons why my Macbook Pro is the best laptop I ever owned:

It hasn’t slowed down. I had one of our desktop PC’s completely cleaned and serviced about 1 1/2 months ago and it’s slow already, again.

It holds a charge so well! This is my main reason for buying it. I can take it with me when I leave the house at 7:00am in the morning, carry it around in a tiny bag all day, use it off and on throughout the day and still have a charge in the evening at my kids sports practices and at home when I get in the bed.

It’s small, thin and lightweight. This 13-inch is smaller than my old 13-inch laptop, because the aluminum casing is smaller.

It comes with a basic PDF editing software called Preview. This is a huge benefit in my business, since I use a lot of PDFs that I send or that I receive from others. It is wonderful to have built in software that allows me to modify and create basic PDF’s in a basic manner, without having to purchase the expensive adobe editing software.

Another reason that my Macbook Pro is the best laptop I ever owned s that the hardware is more intuitive: Macs version of a “control panel”, called “system preferences”, is much easier to navigate. My Mac is much better at searching for files than was the PCs version of search.

It is so easy to make movies and upload them using the webcam! I have spent time bonding with each of my three children while making movies and pictures with the preloaded software.

Cons: The thin keyboard isn’t ergonomic. My wrists are actually hurting right now typing, but that’s because I’m sitting at my desk waiting for my desktop PC to download some software, while typing on my laptop which is laying on my crossed legs, a very awkward position.

I worry about the glass screen breaking. This is because I have three children running around all the time, bouncing balls and throwing things.

All of the software and websites I access I use haven’t been compatible; but about 95% of it has worked just fine, which says a lot, since I use a lot of different software and websites in my business.

The glass screen shows dust easily.

I haven’t figured out how to save and retrieve files easily. Sometime I lose them, but I used to do that on my PC, too. This is occurring more often on my Mac because Macs download every file to a special folder. Macs do not open files directly. While this is a nuisance, Macs are set up this way to help you to avoid inadvertently downloading a virus. My Macbook Pro is definitely the best laptop I ever owned.