Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret: Why Some Love It, Why Some Hate It

I was just reading an article named Product Review of Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret : A Horrible Fragrance where a woman expressed how sickening the scent of Love Spell is. I was glad see the article because I thought I was the only human being on earth that did not like Love Spell.

Even Love Spell dupes are popular. I’ve seen girls reviewing them on YouTube. I also used to work for a man that sold dupe fragrances, and people were in love with that stinking Love Spell.

I finally figured it all out. Love Spell may in fact be a love spell in a bottle. First let’s consider that it’s called Love Spell and it’s purple. Come on, that’s enough to catch your attention on it’s on. It’s super girly, and women are attracted to that.

But beyond that, Love Spell really has some notes of aphrodisiacal fragrances.

As I was reading the comments to the woman’s article, there were a few men saying that they too love the smell of Love Spell on women. I thought, “Oh they’re just gay.” But then I realized that these men are trying to tell us something-Love Spell is literally a love spell!

The thing with aphrodisiacs is that they all are very pungent on their own: rose, patchouli, cinnamon, cloves, jasmine, orange blossom, black pepper-all of these are aphrodisiacs, yet if we sniffed them on their own, some of us would cringe.

Love Spell is said to have cherry blossom in it, which is a popular scent amongst women. Bath & Body Works’ Japanese Cherry Blossom is very popular as well. But years ago, I read that cherry (the fruit) is the least aphrodisiacal scent there is!

Love Spell also contains apple notes, which hasn’t been said to be an aphrodisiac. But it does have some history. Way back in the day, women would cut apple slices and then allow men to put it in their arm pits. This would soak up the man’s sweat, then the women would stick cloves in it and hang it up in their homes as air fresheners. So, the scent of apple (and sweat) does have a little history behind it.

Then we have the notes of orange. Orange is aroma therapeutic. It makes us feel “invigorated” as they say. But orange blossom is an aphrodisiac. So is jasmine, which is also in Love Spell. Neroli (an orange blossom) and jasmine is what Cleopatra was said to bathe in before she seduced Marc Antony.

So those are some legitimate reasons why people are attracted to the fragrance. Then… there are people like me-people who hate Love Spell for some reason.

Well, the reason why I can’t stand it is because it smells incomplete. It smells like they are missing base notes. The base notes are usually the heavier notes such as vanilla, musk, and amber. Those are the kind of fragrances I like-something musky or sweet.

Love Spell isn’t sweet or musky-it’s just citrusy and dusty. It smells kind of like uhhhh….jasmine and orange! I don’t like jasmine unless it is combined with lots of other florals stronger florals. In Love Spell, it is fused with cherry blossom-another scent I’m not crazy about.

I’m very particular about fragrances. To me, there are three kinds of fragrances: the ones you wear, the ones your house wears, and the ones you leave in the store. Love Spell seems like something I would love my house to smell like, but not my body. I found a Love Spell dupe candle, and found it sort of irresistible. But the actual Love Spell body products are just not my thing.

1 thought on “Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret: Why Some Love It, Why Some Hate It”

  1. ugh! i recently brought love spell from amazon. It cost me 850 rupees.My mom let me order it online after i pleaded her and convinced her that it smelt good.
    I have not smelt it before but was convinced that it was good because all the reviews of the product were good.When it finally arrived i was surprised.
    1. it was larger than i thought it would be
    2. it came in a plastic bottle.
    3. when i smelt it i felt like gagging. It smelt like cleaning detergent and phenol.I would say cleaning liquids smell better than this. It was like rotten, really rotten peaches..
    worst part is that the smell is stays for a long time.
    My mom is scolding me now, asking me why i spent so much money buying this crap.
    All there is to this product is its sounds super fancy but the product is shit…
    i have not used it more than once and have kept it far away from my vicinity because everytime is see it i am reminded of the aweful smell….
    i cannot understand how other people like this bullshit body mist……

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