Local Interest Story: What Makes the School Events Interesting at Minglanilla National Science High School?

At the outset, it is interesting to note that a local science high school in Cebu south is one of the learning institutions chosen by the French Embassy and Department of Education to teach and propagate French language from third year to fourth year, aside from English language which is used as the medium of instructions in the Philippines. Another interesting part is the active participation of all the teachers, students, parents and community stakeholders in all the activities not only on the campus but also off the campus, including the major contests released through circulars and memos from DepEd officials, namely, secretary of education, regional director and schools division superintendent .

This learning institution is the lead school and major participant of the Municipality of Minglanilla for the Kabanhawan Festival: the town of Minglanilla’s wide activities to celebrate with great pride and honor. Besides, MNSHS has hosted several “open house” events, lecture series and other activities to highlight the school’s interesting contribution s to learning and culture. A featured event on the campus up to now is the development of special multiple-intelligences’ show – type – contest in order to expose the students with diverse kinds of intelligences they have.

Other diverse interesting school activities are featured below as follows:

1. MNSHS is one of the pilot schools to teach French in Central Visayas

§ 3 Cebu high schools are among the seven schools in Central Visayas and the 13 in the country to teach their students French language

§ The aforementioned pilot schools recorded a high mean percentage score in English and they are expected to serve as lead schools in the regions in mainstreaming the Special Program in Foreign Language

§ Education Secretary Mr. Jesli Lapus and French Ambassador Mr. Thierry Borja de Mozota signed an agreement on the introduction of French language in selected science high schools, including Minglanilla National Science High School

§ French language will soon be included in the high school curriculum next school year of some selected public science high schools throughout the country as the French Embassy in Manila and the Department of Education (DepEd) signed last September 28, 2009 a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) requiring the French language as part of the curriculum.

Thirteen science high schools in the country, including Minglanilla National Science High School, will hold French language classes beginning next school year, according to an agreement between the Department of Education and the French Embassy signed last September 28, 2009.

The agreement was signed by Education Secretary Jesli A. Lapus and French Ambassador Thierry Borja de Mozota. Those set to offer French classes starting school year 2010-2011 are six science high schools in the National Capital Region, and seven high schools in the Central Visayas, Mr. Lapus said in a statement. The schools, he noted, enjoy high mean percentage scores in English and are expected to serve as lead schools in the country in mainstreaming the agency’s Special Program in Foreign Language.

“On account of globalization, our graduates are competing with people from other countries when they join the workforce. Learning French early will give Filipino graduates a competitive advantage over people from other countries when they join the workforce, the press release added. Mandaue City National Science High School principal Rosario Kasilagan said it is timely that the government introduced the language so their 234 students can easily find work abroad. Minglanilla Science National High School principal Eutiquia Alday said her students are also excited about the new language. Alday said the school has two teachers trained in teaching French. Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo Jr. and Jacklyn Bucao are singled out to teach the language to 278 students in all levels. “Interest in the French language continues to grow in the archipelago. One example is the increasing number of students at the Alliance Francaise, which saw a 61 percent increase in the number of Filipinos who enrolled in its language classes in 2008,” the embassy said.

The signing of the agreement last Sept. 28, 2009 is the most recent step in the preparations for introducing the French language in the Philippine curriculum, the embassy said. Dubbed as Special Program in Foreign Language, the program aims to develop students’ skills in listening, reading , writing, speaking and viewing as fundamental to acquiring communicative competence in a second foreign language; prepare students for meaningful interaction in a linguistically and culturally diverse global workplace; and develop understanding and appreciation of other people’s culture.

2. MNSHS Festival Sci-Math jingle winners announced

The Science and Mathematics Departments just announced winners of their sci-math jingle contest. The entries were great and the winning jingles awesome, said the faculty members.

The correspondent of the Access quipped “As a new student in this learning institution, my excitement perks me up to draw near and attempt to experience the jingle showdown. I am very confident enough that we can surpass the other group contestants. In my point of view, I know about my classmates’ performance with regard to the Sci-Math Jingle. As what I have observed, the other students in the higher year levels, especially the 3rd year and 4th year, are excited about it too. Some are still rehearsing their jingles while others are wearing their props and costumes as they are waiting to be called to perform on stage.”

“The moment has come. I feel that there is nervousness around as they perform. But, they keep on striving themselves by smiling and trying their best to be presentable. All dance gracefully and sing merrily. Despite the nervousness of each contingent, the performers survive in the end, waiting for the thrilling results,” she added. The overall results of the winning jingle were announced by Ms. Tresa Cantutay. The winners were wielded their influence over the other contestants to strive more next time and persistently tower over the others in the fields of Science and Mathematics. In this “Sci-Math Jingle” competition, the following best group performers were awarded: Zinc got first place, Nickel got second place, Silver got third place, Lead got fourth place, and Copper got fifth place. The competition was done successfully. It made possible through the efforts of Science and Mathematics teachers, in coordination with the faculty and principal of Minglanilla National Science High School.

3. MNSHS joins division-wide tree planting

MNSHS upheld its commitment towards a cleaner and greener future as it joined the division-wide tree planting activities in different places of every city/municipality where the schools are situated within Cebu Province Division. All advisers and students spearheaded the planting of seedlings in their respective service areas. Other non-teaching personnel and parents also took part in the program. “We care about our environment, we care for our earth and, more importantly, we care about our children and the future generations and the planet we will leave behind for them,” said one of the principals in a public secondary school.

The writer of the Access said “At this time, we are facing the global warming, calamities such as floods, landslide, erosion and many more. There are a lot of preventions to avoid from destruction and one of them is tree-planting. Does a tree-planting activity help our nature in the coming future? Do we have to consider this as an important event? What do you think?” Tree-planting activity here in MNSHS just happened recently; it was held at Pakigne riverbank. The freshmen and the seniors joined this activity while the sophomores and the juniors had their separate venues. It was the most adventurous activity that the students had experienced.

As the students brought along with their tree guards to the venue, together with the seedlings, they went down to the stairs that were very narrow for them to go with. The smell of garbage that came from the river stank; for them, it was another embarrassing but amusing experience. When they were about to plant, there were a lot of frogs jumping to and fro towards the creeks that made them also frighten. In spite of inevitable circumstances that transpired along their way, they successfully accomplished the task without grumbling and discontentment.

One adviser said “We take this one into account as an important event because tree-planting prevents calamities in the future. Besides, it saves our Mother Earth. It even unifies Filipinos to overcome the challenges that they are facing and coping. The principal Mrs. Eutiquia S. Alday said “Tree-planting activity is very important to us because our nature provides everything that we need. Even though how hard to do this thing every now and then, afterwards, it will cause and set forth a new beginning to a better ending.

4. Ms. High School Minglanilla beauty tilt

This year’s Miss Minglanilla tilt, organized by the municipal government headed by Mayor Ma. Eduardo Selma, was a notch higher than the previous year’s beauty pageant. For one, this year’s batch of candidates, according to some spectators, was a better breed, most of them can compete even in the regional and national beauty pageants. The preparation was quite rigid. But the daily rehearsals never dampened the candidates’ spirit as everyone was hoping to clinch one of the three titles, or even as first and second runners up. Beauty and glamour filled the night as the contestants of the Miss High School Minglanilla walked on the runway towards fame and glory. Minglanilla Sports Complex housed a variety of spectators, and they supported their school representatives who are competing for the crown.

Silence fell as “The Prayer” started to resound throughout the place followed by the singing of the National Anthem. Nineteen lovely ladies occupied the stage during the production number choreographed by Mr. Marvie Ca±o. The heat rose when the contestants paraded their swimwear as they introduced themselves to the cheering crowd. The contestants exited the stage with a smile giving the spotlight to the board of judges comprising Dr. Ramir Uytico, Dr. Judy Corriente and Mr. Sinen Paulin. The special awards were then given to the contestants who were on their dashing long gown. The Magic 5 was unveiled with Ms. Leonora Christina Kristensen of IHMA, Ms. Jenny Me Reroma and Ms. Ethaniel Loise Abella both from UV Minglanilla Campus, Ms. Charmaine Catayada of Guindaruhan National High School and Ms. Razianne Mae Segismar of MNSHS taking the spots.

In the middle of the pageant, Cong. Eddie Gullas of the 1st District arrived. The pageant reached its final point where not only beauty but also the wits of the contestants were challenged. The tension was broken by a song presented by the renowned actor-comedian Mr. Dennis Padilla. At last the panel of judges had made their decision. Among all the competitors, Miss Jenny Me Reroma of the UV Minglanilla Campus succeeded in taking the crown. IHMA placed 2nd, MNSHS grabbed the 3rd place, UV Minglanilla Campus attained 4th place and Guindaruhan got the 5th place. “Splendour and magnificence, both are essential in attaining the crown. In the midst of the competition, the real importance of the pageant is to give justice to every deserving contestant. And that is strengthening the bonds and promoting friendship among the schools vying with Ms. High School Minglanilla beauty tilt,” said one of the judges.

5. Mingscians celebrate Division Sci-Fair victory

MNSHS Science Team bagged 3 awards from the Division Science Fair and Quiz held recently in Argao, Cebu. The team was composed of Science Quiz Bee (Individual) participants: John Mabulay for First Year Integrated Science with coach Ms. Jean Alad; Jese Jones Nacario for Second Year Biology with coach Ms. Jade Cantillas; Carlo Galicia for Third Year Chemistry with coach Ms.Mary Juhanes Carmelotes; and Raziane Segismar for Fourth Year Physics with coach Mr. Ryan Manubag.

The Science Quiz Bowl (Team) was composed of Steffi Nicole Benitez (I-Cu), Iris Ca±arejo(II-Pb), Patricia Claire Casta±ares(III-Ni) and Arman Ann Trazo(IV-U). It was handled by Mr. Ryan Manubag. The Investigatory Project Team for Cluster 2(Science Oriented High Schools) was composed of Robert Vencint Navales, Mary Ainee Ranoa and Kimberly Saycon of IV-Pt with their research entitled, “Hastening the Biodegradability of Bioplastics.” The team was handled by Ms. Mary Juhanes Carmelotes. The winners for various categories were John Mabulay (5th), Carlo Galicia (3rd) and the IP Team (3rd). Congratulations Mingscientists!

6. Mingscians triumph, tower over Math Division contest

An hour of excitement, dizziness due to the zigzag roads and the existence of butterflies in their stomachs, these were all they felt and inculcated in their minds as they headed towards their event — Math Division Competition. MNSHS participated in the said event in Sibonga, Cebu, took its pride in the laurels, and brought home the bacon after the contest. The year-level contestants were Janrey Bas and Samantha Elaine Mozo from first year, Ron Bugay and Mark Angel San Nicholas from second year, Michael Angelo Cabanero and Jade Betito from third year, and Agnes Auman and Jeselle Aliganga from fourth year.

They finally succeeded in the said competition, not only because of being tagged as the Math wizards but also because of being chosen by their beloved coaches Mrs. Maria Lourdes Ybanez, Mr. Russell Dulosa and Mrs. Cherry Lou Zapanta. Indeed, the Mingscians proved themselves that they could uplift the name of the school in various ways ‘” triumphing and towering over Math Division competition.

7. MNSHS ranks 1st place in Mid-Year Division Achievement Test

The principal of Minglanilla National Science High School Mrs. Eutiquia S. Alday is very happy with the outcome of mid-year division achievement test, including regional achievement and national achievement tests this school year despite low results in some subjects, except for English. She said teachers must strive hard to get better results in MPS. She wants all the teachers not only in Minglanilla National Science High School but also other public secondary schools in the Municipality of Minglanilla, where she is currently holding the post as lead principal, not to be contented with these results. They have to exert more efforts in preparation for DAT, RAT and NAT in order to get 100% MPS target in all the tests to be conducted by the Department of Education in the years to come.

She also said the results of last year Regional Achievement Test and National Achievement Test were very satisfactory. She expects that this school year all teachers will aim for 100% MPS and will lead again not only in this municipality but also other municipalities in the Division of Cebu Province.

8. MNSHS bags 30 awards both in ASPC and DSPC competitions

During the ASPC awarding ceremony, only the top 15 participants as campus journalists were qualified to compete in Division Schools Press Conference. Minglanilla National Science High School student-writers grabbed numerous awards from diverse categories in English and Filipino to represent DSPC: Dave Martjee Paug, Copy reading & Headline Writing (1st place); Joy Tiffany Degamo, Sports Writing (1st place); Zyshan Castellano, Feature Writing (1st place); Vince Alex Villahermosa, Editorial Cartooning (1st place); Damsel Mondido, Sports Writing (1st place); Christbhel Garem Garcia, Photojournalism (3rd place); Mary Grace Gulay & Zyshan Nain Castellano, Copyreading & Headline Writing (8th place & 9th place, respectively); Debbie Ellis Daniel, Sports Writing (8th place); Kevin Ubas, Editorial Cartooning (3rd place); Justine Faith Basilla, Feature Writing (4th place); Katrina Lucero, Editorial Writing (6th place); Agnes Marie Auman, News Writing (8th place); Carlo Galicia, News Writing (`12th place); Ron Bugay, Editorial Writing (10th place); Wennie Langbid, Feature Writing (3rd place); Franzis Mari Lawas, Sports Writing (7th place); Mary Claire Christner Catado, Photojournalism (5th place); Don Francis Acapulco, Photojournalism (10th place); Aldrin Navarro, Editorial Cartooning (6th place); and Fedelf Ni±a Delfin, Editorial Cartooning (5th place).

The Division Schools Press Conference held last November 11-13 at Daanbantayan, Cebu. Qualified MNSHS contestants as DSPC winners to RSPC will proceed to Dumanjug, Cebu Province Division, on December 2-4 for another competition both in English and Filipino categories, namely, Franzis Mari Lawas (1st place in Sports Writing-English Category), Aldrin Navarro (3rd place in Editorial Cartooning-English Category), and Ron Bugay (6th place in Editorial Writing-English Category), Radio Broadcasting (7 winners, 1st place in English Category and Best in Anchor), Damsel Mondido (Filipino writer-winner, 4th place), Vince Alex Villahermosa (Filipino writer-winner, 4th place), Korinna Lucero (Filipino writer-winner, 2nd place), and Justine Faith Basilla (Filipino writer-winner, 1st place) in the forthcoming division schools press conference will compete in editorial cartooning, feature writing, editorial writing, sports writing, news writing, photojournalism layout, radio scriptwriting, copyreading and headline writing.

9. 1ST place in radio broadcasting in English category and best in anchor

The contestant-writers, radio broadcasters, and coach Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. from Minglanilla National Science High School won at Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) competition with English Categories (Editorial Writing, Sports Writing, and Editorial Cartooning, including Radio Broadcasting) during the Division Schools Press Conference at Daanbantayan, Cebu. Joined with them in the victory party is the English Supervisor of Cebu Province Division Mrs. Evelyn F. Balang as she made also a victory pose with the Mingscians.

Overall interesting local impact about the school events

All in all, what makes also the school interesting is that it has also provided funds for each student’s contribution to French books from the LGU that will be used in teaching French language to the third year and fourth year students. Learning this new language will help them to communicate with other people in different countries aside from using English language. The English teachers Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. and Mrs. Jacquelyn Bucao are also the French instructors of the school.

In the previous years, it was veritable and it could not be denied that the school participated in different activities and competitions. Mingscians danced with the beat during the Acquaintance Party on the month of July. They smashed the bird and scrabbled their minds during the Intramurals on the same month. On the month of August, they had a combination of speech choirs. On September, the opening salvo of math and science month was held. Voices outmatched each other during the Math-Science Jingle on the first day of October. There are still many pending events that will surely make up for the entire school year that need to be engaged in and completely carried out by the teachers and students for the betterment of the school.

Municipal Meet, Math and Science Competitions, School’s Press Conference, STEP, Ms. Minglanilla Pageant and other contests of different levels are also attended by MNSHS every year. There is an incoming activity like the English Festival for the month of December Mingscians participate in these kinds of contests and they have brought home the bacon most of the time.

Finally, Minglanilla National Science High School is now really accelerating. It has evolved into a newer and better school. But this would not happen without the leadership of the concurrent principal and the cooperation of the faculty, PTA officers and student body, especially the Supreme Student Government (SSG). So there is a great need for unity, not fights to make the best finale in everyday life, as well as the environment which is conducive for learning and which caters entirely to the needs and well-being of the students in MNSHS.