Lindsay Lohan May Soon Be No More!: Actress/Singer May Legally Drop the Surname Lohan

Lindsay Lohan must have spent the last few days doing self-therapy and saying over and over again like a mantra, “I hate my father, I hate my father” because lately she’s been estranged from her dear old dad and wants nothing to do with him. She doesn’t even want his surname anymore and neither do her mother, Dina and her little sister, Ali.

Lindsay will be dropping her surname of Lohan completely and simply be known as “Lindsay”. Dina and Ali plan on kicking Lohan to the curb as well and will take on Dina’s maiden name of Sullivan.

A lot of celebrities change their real names to something more neutral, cool, catchy or appealing and some get famous by first name alone like Beyonce or Mya. How about Ciara, Shakira, Oprah and Rihanna to name a few?

Apparently, nobody in the immediate Lohan family wants anything to do with wayward father, Michael Lohan, who has a penchant for partying, riding his daughter’s fame wagon, being a jack of no trades and for being “unkind” to females. Michael Lohan was recently arrested (yet again) for abusing yet another “girlfriend”.

It’s nice that Lindsay is changing her name and all that, but maybe she should really think about changing her attitude and staying out of trouble because she seems to be a permanent fixture in the legal system and may be facing jail-time.

As for Michael Lohan, he’s always been a bit of an ass and a troublemaker. A former commodities trader, Michael Lohan was investigated once for insider trading and was also convicted for contempt of court. While he has three children with former wife, Dina, he may be the father of another child named Ashley, born of an affair with a message therapist from Montana. According to Wikipedia, Papa Lohan submitted a DNA sample to determine if Ashley was, in fact, his daughter. I’m not sure what the outcome of the test was.

Michael Lohan has also been in trouble for probation of violation, has served time in prison (a few times), was once involved in a public fistfight, been charged with attempted assault, gotten a DUI and a lots of other things.

And people wonder why Lindsay’s a mess? The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, but I have faith in Lindsay. I like her, she still a pretty young lady and I hope that she gets it together, but I don’t know. Things are not looking too good right now, but maybe this name-change will be a new start and give her a new attitude, if she doesn’t have to serve time in the slammer.