Lighted Party Numbers or Words

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking for a particular house and it’s dark outside? It seems that no one has house numbers visible and you’re forced to nearly break the law, practically stopping in the middle of the road, trying to read numbers on homes to get to your destination. You see a number on a house here and there, but it’s not the house you’re looking for, and it takes seemingly forever to finally pinpoint that house number you want. Don’t let all that frustration happen to the guests at your upcoming party. Guide them to the destination with lighted house numbers, a large “Party” sign, or another arrangement.

Use gift boxes to make the lighted numbers or message for your summer party, wedding reception or other special occasion. Dollar-theme and craft stores carry assorted sizes of gift boxes from cubes to robe boxes. Use plain cardboard boxes, decorated ones or even paper mache boxes which you can paint or leave plain.

Use purchased or downloaded stencils to write a number or letter on the lid or top of each box, centering each image. After outlining the letters or numbers cut them out with a craft knife. Save the cutouts for future projects. From the inside, cover the cutout areas with colored vellum or cellophane.

Use a battery-operated light inside each box to illuminate it. Check dollar-theme stores for assorted lights that run off of batteries, like push lights or candle lights. Or, use neon snap bracelets or necklaces for the light. The light is a tube and, after you snap it, it glows for several hours in colors of neon orange, green, yellow or pink.

Stand house number boxes outside on the porch or stoop. Stack them vertically or place them horizontally. If it’s easy to see your house numbers do something different with the lit boxes. Spell out your last name in lights, a word which goes along with the theme of your party, or another sentiment. Spell out a word or phrase across a table, like the names of a newly married couple, a birthday boy or girl’s name, or even the year for a New Year’s Eve party.

Lighted boxes are beautiful, helpful and decorative. Use them for any number of special occasions or just spell out a girl’s name and set the boxes on a shelf in her room. The boxes make it easy to create a certain look for a party or just to help your guests get safely to the party. When shopping at a dollar-theme store you can make each boxed letter or number for about a buck.

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