Life Lessons “Jeopardy” Has Taught Us All

Alex Trebek recently made headlines when he explained that he hurt his Achilles tendon chasing after a burglar who broke into his hotel room.

The 71-year-old “Jeopardy!” host has been entertaining viewers for 27 years with his smooth demeanor and sometimes tongue-in-cheek comments, but who knew he could hold his own against an intruder?

Looking back, Trebek has actually taught us many life lessons throughout the years —

Fight for what is right.

As he clearly showed in this most recent example, Trebek doesn’t let people walk all over him — he fights for what is right. But though this is the most physical example of his philosophy at work, it is also evident on his game show. Oftentimes when a contestant provides an answer that is not immediately considered correct, or is considered correct when it shouldn’t be, Trebek will later consult with the judges and award or deduct points from the contestant’s score if necessary.

Pronunciation is key.

As anyone that’s ever watched “Jeopardy!” can tell you, Trebek is a stickler for pronunciation. Not only does he pronounce each foreign word he reads with native-like precision, but he also says many common English words with a very formal (and sometimes archaic) pronunciation. He expects no less from his contestants — a mispronounced correct answer is a wrong answer.

Never underestimate the power of a nice suit.

No one can argue with the fact that Alex Trebek is always dressed to the nines. Night after night he enters our television sets wearing a crisp new suit and exuding confidence and class, a lesson we can certainly apply to our own lives. We can only assume he was wearing designer pajamas and matching slippers when he chased his unwelcome visitor out of his hotel room.

Always answer in the form of a question.

Who could forget this essential rule to “Jeopardy!”? “You must answer in the form of a question.” Sure, this rule isn’t very applicable during day-to-day life, but it’s one that Trebek follows very closely on his program. Plus, who wouldn’t want to start applying it to their daily life?

Are there any other life lessons that you’ve learned from watching “Jeopardy!” or from Alex Trebek?

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