Lee Harvey Oswald Killed JFK

Lee Harvey Oswald lived a very hard and troubled life since his birth. Lee’s father Robert Edward Lee Oswald passed away before Lee Harvey Oswald’s birth and was raised alone by his mother. A father is a very important and key figure in a child’s life. The father is a role model for a child whilst he is growing up and is someone to look up to. Without a father Lee has no one else too look up to other than the people he sees one T.V and the gangsters that on the streets. The father is also the one that would teach the child with strong discipline and keep the child from straying away from the good. A father’s other main role in a household is to bring in money for the family however, as there was no father in the household, Lee’s mum had to bring in all the money for the Lee and his older brother. However when Lee was 2 years old him and his brother were placed in an orphanage by their mother as she was unable to support them. Lee Harvey Oswald has said that “He feels that his mother rejects him and really has never cared very much for him.” If he felt that his mother rejected him than he probably also felt that why would anybody else not reject him?

He was left at home with his mum who would probably make him her more favourable son. Also as Marguerite, Lee Harvey Oswald’s mum was away much of the time Lee was left at home which would once again make him feel abandoned and unwanted. Marguerite would probably try and make up for her not being there by spoiling him and giving him anything that he wanted. However being spoilt and getting everything you wanted is not a substitute for a good relationship with your mother. There is no evidence to suggest that he had many friends and a lot of the time he used to just sit by himself and watch T.V or read a book. This shows that he was very isolated in his own personal world.

As his childhood was very unstable without a father, not having a proper relationship with his mother and moving around a lot of the time he probably felt that the world was against him and he was isolated. Also not having a good relationship with anyone he probably did not trust anybody else and keep close to himself and lonely. Not having the discipline of a father was probably a factor contributing to his violent behaviour as his father would not have been able to teach him good from wrong. When Lee was as young as 13 he was regularly skipping school and received truancy hearings and was declared a truant and sent to a youth house. In the youth house he was reported to have said “I don’t want a friend and I don’t like to talk to people” and “I dislike everybody.” This shows how badly his insecure childhood had affected him and how he wouldn’t trust anybody at a young age.

His violent behaviour started to show when he was as young as 8 years old when he threatened his half brother John with a knife. Four years later Lee Harvey Oswald threatened John’s wife with a pocket knife. His violent behaviour followed him into the marines when he was court-martialled for starting a fight with a sergeant because Lee thought that it was the sergeant’s fault for receiving a punishment for shooting himself in the elbow. Marina, his wife, also had to live with another family because he used to beat her. In April 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald tried to assassinate General Edwin Walker a anti-communist ex army general. There was strong evidence to suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald did kill him including a letter he wrote to his wife telling her what to do if he got caught. Surely if Lee Harvey Oswald did not have a problem with threatening his own family he would have no problem killing someone that he did not know at all?

Lee Harvey Oswald was a very strong Communist supporter unlike many people in America at the time. The Americans used to hate the communist and it was very weird and rare for someone to be a communist supporter. One of the main reasons that he was attracted towards communism is because of his family. His family was very poor and low down in society because of this his mother had to work very hard to make money for the family not allowing him to have a good childhood with his family. He felt that if there had been communist control than his family would have much better off and he would have had a better relationship with his mother and a better childhood. Lee Harvey Oswald was proud of his communist beliefs and did not try to hide them. Even when he was in the army were nearly everyone hated communism and during that time tensions with the Russia, the biggest communist country, were very high he still did not try to hide the fact that he supported communism. He also subscribed to the Daily Worker a Communist newspaper claiming that it was just something to read as he said that he had learnt Russian. However in a speaking and writing exam for Russian he rated “poor”.

During 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald became a staunch member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee a pro-Castro group set up to give support for the communist country of Cuba and were against the attacks on them from the U.S.A. He ordered from a local printer and gave out leaflets with the heading “Hands off Cuba” . Whilst giving out the leaflets he got into a fight Carlos Bringuier an anti-Castro activist. He also went on radio for the committee to debate the issue of Cuba. This shows that he must have had very good knowledge about Communism and the Cuban issue to represent the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.In 1959 Lee Oswald left the marines and left to go to Russia. When he reached Russia he applied to become a Soviet citizen. However his application was rejected and because of this this he slit his wrists this resulted in him being put in a hospital under psychiatric observation. This shows that Lee Oswald supported Communism so much that he left his life behind in America to become a citizen of the soviet the biggest Communist country. He was so desperate to become a soviet citizen that he threatened his own life by slitting his wrists to try and be accepted by the soviet-union.

As JFK was very much against communism and Cuba Lee Harvey Oswald would have felt that it was partly his fault that the Cubans were being oppressed. JFK also ordered the Bay of Pigs mission against Cuba.

When Lee was placed in a youth house he received a psychiatric evaluation. The report evaluated that “Lee has to be seen as an emotionally, quite disturbed youngster who” and was diagnosed with “personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features and passive ‘” aggressive tendencies.” I have already mentioned that Lee Oswald slit his own wrists. No sane man would slit his own wrists just to be accepted.

During Lee Harvey Oswald’s Childhood he did not receive much attention so to get it he would have to get it drawn to him. One of the things he did to get attention was by playing truant a lot this would have got him the attention he wanted. When he got older he still tried to get attention drawn to him. The attention seeking could have also been something which affected his decision in becoming a Communist. It would have made him stand out from the crowd getting him attention weather it was good or bad. Also slitting his wrists might have been a publicity stunt to try and get attention.

When the chance to Kill JFK it must have been the best way to get attention. What better way is there to get attention and inflict damage on the country which had given him a bad childhood than to kill the President of America the one figure that represents the whole of the country and the most powerful man in the world?

On the day that president Kennedy got shot Mr. Frazier came with Lee Harvey Oswald to the Texas School Book depository. Lee Harvey Oswald had been seen working on the sixth floor on the morning of the assassination. During JFK’s assassination Harold Norman, a worker at the TSBD, watched JFK’s drive past from the fifth floor of the TSBD. . Harold Norman said that whilst he was watching he heard the gunshots, three bolt actions reloads and three shells hitting the floor from the window above him on the sixth floor. Charles Brehm a spectator of the presidential motorcade said that he heard shots come from behind him from either the

Howard Brennan another spectator of the motorcade said that he saw a man with a gun in the southeast window on the sixth floor of the TSBD. The description of the man in the window that Mr. Brennan gave was very similar to the description of Lee Harvey Oswald. Later Mr. Brennan identified Lee Oswald in a police line up to the person that most closely resembled the man he had seen in the window of the TSBD with a gun.

Approximately 35 minutes before the assassination Lee Harvey Oswald asked one of his co-workers, Charles Givens, to send a elevator back up to him on the sixth floor. This places Lee Oswald on the Sixth floor of the School Book Depository 35 minutes before the assassination.

When police arrived at the Sixth floor of the TSBD they found boxes piled up in a big wall hiding the far window. The wall of boxes there was covered in Lee Oswald’s fingerprints which meant that he must have put the boxes there to hide himself from anyone that might come into the sixth floor as stacking the boxes like that is highly illogical because stacking books near a window might cause them to become damage due to the heat and would have stopped fresh air into the hot building. Also

the window on the sixth floor is only half open. If someone wanted to watch the motorcade than they would have had the window fully open so that they would have a better view. Having a window half open would have been enough space for a rifle to be poked through. Between the wall of boxes and the window some boxes were found which looked like they had been positioned to be a sniper rest . There were also three empty bullet cartridges found on the floor.

They also found a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. The Rifle had the serial number C2766 on it. When they tracked down the gun they found that the gun had been bought by someone called A.J Hidell. The fake identity card for A.J Hidell was found on Lee Harvey Oswald with a picture of him on it. The order for the rifle was also written in Lee’s handwriting and was sent to a post office box owned by him. Using the same alias Lee Oswald also bought a .38 Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver. This revolver was found on him after he was arrested. There was a photo of him in his back garden taken by his wife were he is holding a rifle has a revolver in his holster and a communist newspaper in his hands. It is highly likely that the rifle he is holding is the Carcano that he bought as A.J Hidell and the revolver in his holster was the Smith & Wesson he also bought under A.J Hidell.
The shot on JFK must have been a hard shot to hit as the target was moving and was around 88 yards away. There were also three shots shot within 7 seconds, to be able to shoot, reload and re-aim three times within 7 seconds must have meant that the person shooting was very good with guns. As Lee Harvey Oswald had been in the marines he must have been an expert with guns. Whilst he was in the marines he received the ranking sharpshooter which is the second highest ranking for shooting. Having the sharpshooter ranking he would have had the ability to take the shot on JFK as the test was over 200 yards at a target the size of a head, whilst JFK was only 88 yards away and the gun that was found had a 4x zoom. Also in a picture Lee is shown holding the gun very calmly which would mean that he was still comfortable with guns. Also 7 months before the assassination Lee Oswald attempted to assassinate General Walker with the same Carcano rifle showing that he could still handle a gun well.When the gun was found in the TSBD the gun had Lee Oswald’s palm print on it. Also found on the gun were some fibres which after some test matched perfectly with the shirt he was wearing that day.

The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald bought the rifle and the revolver under an alias is also quite suspicious. If he just wanted the guns than why did he buy them under another name unless he was trying to hide the fact that he had bout the guns and did not have an innocent intention for the use of the guns?

Normally Lee Oswald get a lift with his colleague Mr Frazier to the house that his wife, Marina, lived in with Mr and Mrs Paine which was half a block away from Mr Frazier’s house every Friday evening and would return with him every Monday morning. However on the Thursday before JFK got assassinated he asked for a lift to Mr Paine’s house. When Mr Frazier asked him why he was going there on Thursday not on Friday he said that it was because he needed to get some curtain rods for his apartment in Dallas. This story make no sense at all because if Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to get curtain rods for his house than it would have seem logical to get them on the Friday as after work he was going back to the Paine’s house not his apartment in Dallas, so he would be getting curtain rods from the Paine’s house for his apartment and than just taking them back to their house on Friday not his apartment.

On the Thursday night Lee Harvey Oswald left all of his money that he had left which amounted to abour $170 and he also left his wedding ring. Leaving all the money that he had is a sign that he was probably not going to return and leaving his wedding ring might be a way of saying bye.

On the Friday morning Lee Harvey Oswald looked in through Mr Frazier’s window whilst he was having his breakfast. This was something else that he hadn’t ever done before. Lee Oswald probably looked through the window to check that Mr Frazier was definitely going to be able to take him to work and this would make it look like going to work on that particular day was very urgent for him. When Mr Frazier and Lee Oswald got into the car Lee placed a brown package in the back car seat which he claimed to be the curtain rods that he had got from the Paine’s house. If the brown package was the curtain rods that he claimed they were then why would they need to be wrapped up and why would he have to place them in the back of the car why not just hold them. By placing them in the back seat he might have been trying to hide it so that Mr Frazier didn’t have a good look at it.

When they got to the TSBD Lee Oswald got out of the car before Mr Frazier and started to walk towards the door with a quick pace trying to hide the brown package from Mr Frazier’s view. If the brown package were curtain rails than why did Lee Oswald need to try and hide it from Mr Frazier’s view and walk quickly towards the building.

After the assassination of JFK there was a roll call at the TSBD however Lee was not at the roll call and was reported missing. This was very unusual thing for someone to do if they had nothing to hide. Not being at the roll call suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald knew that if he stayed at the TSBD than he would be found and he didn’t want to be found so he did a runner. Approximately 45 minutes later he was spotted by Officer J.D Tippit as a suspect for the JFK assassination and ass he got out the car to talk to Lee Harvey Oswald shot him four times with the Smith & Wesson that was bought under A.J Hidell. When Lee Oswald was going to be approached by a officer why would he shoot the officer unless he had done something wrong which he thought that the police were going to arrest him over or he had something to hide.