Learn to Play the Piano on a Casio Electronic Keyboard

Some Casio electronic keyboards come with a step-up lesson feature that you can use to learn to play the piano. You don’t need to know how to read music to learn to play the piano using this simple-to-use feature. You can start by practicing songs one hand at a time. Then when you’re ready, you can begin to practice both hands together. The Casio electronic keyboard will even evaluate your performance and tell you whether or not you’re ready to move on to the next lesson. Eventually, you will be able to play the song from memory.

The “SONG BANK” key on the front of your Casio electronic keyboard will provide access to the songs stored within the keyboard. You can use the 10 key pad to key in the number of the song you’d like to learn to play. You can also select songs in the Casio keyboard’s song bank by pressing the “+” or “-” keys.

To select the next phrase in the song, press the “NEXT” button. If you’ve gone too far forward, press the “REW” button to go back to a previous phrase. Press the “PART SELECT” button to select the hand you’d like to practice on your Casio electronic keyboard. It’s usually best to start practicing the right hand first. Then practice the left hand. When you feel you have mastered the song when practicing the hands separately, try practicing both hands together.

To select the tone associated with the song, press and hold “SONG BANK” for two seconds. Press “LISTEN.” Carefully listen as the Casio electronic keyboard plays the song phrase.

Press “WATCH.” Black dots will appear on the keys in the LCD display screen, showing you which keys to press. Follow along, pressing the keys with the fingers shown on the fingering diagram. Try to play the song with the rhythm and tempo you heard when you listened to the song playback.

Repeat these step-up lessons as necessary until you begin to memorize the song. When you think you’re ready to play the song without assistance, press “REMEMBER.” In this lesson, the Casio electronic keyboard doesn’t provide any prompts on the LCD display screen.

When you’re ready to play the whole song without interruption, press “PART SELECT” to turn off both hand parts. Then press “PLAY” to begin practicing the song from beginning to end.

There’s also a free software program called Synthesia that you can use to learn to play piano on your MIDI-enabled Casio electronic keyboard. This software lets you play along on the keyboard while the song plays in an easy-to-follow graphical interface on your computer.

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