Largemouth Bass Bait : 3 of the Most Effective Bass Fishing Lures & Tips for Using Them

When it comes to fishing for largemouth bass it seems as if everyone has their favorite “largemouth bass bait”. There are literally thousands and thousands of choices when it comes to bait for largemouth bass, and many times the sheer number of choices available makes you want to give up on fishing forever.

The truth is that there are some bass fishing lures that are better than others, and in this article I will list 3 of the most effective bass fishing lures, as well as some tips for using them. If any of these lures aren’t in your tackle box and you’re a largemouth bass angler you should add them sooner, rather than later.

  • Buck Tail Jigs – Buck tail jigs are an extremely effective (and often forgotten) largemouth bass bait. The “action” that the buck tail provides underwater is unmatched by any synthetic material. Working one of these jigs through heavy cover is an extremely effective way to fool bass. Some anglers like to add a chunk of pork rind to the hook of the jig for added attraction.
  • Soft Plastic Jerk Baits – Soft plastic jerk baits, such as the Slug-o, are very effective bass lures. These baits are fished without any weight, on or near the top of the water. Fishing soft plastic jerk baits over a weed bed is a great way to catch hungry largemouth bass. These baits imitate a wounded bait fish in an extremely effective way. When retrieving these bass baits, make sure you “jerk” your rod tip, rather than a constant reeling motion.

    The KickTail Minnow – The KickTail Minnow is the most realistic looking bass fishing lure on the market today and a great lure for bass. This bait looks as much like a live shad as I think an artificial bait can. The KickTail minnow is an extremely effective bass bait, and should be a part of every bass fisherman’s repertoire.

    These three bass fishing lures are among the most effective largemouth bass baits. Are they the most effective? That’s impossible to say, but they are certainly among the top ten. As I said earlier, if any of these bass baits aren’t in your tackle bag, they should be added sooner rather than later.

    Never forget. There is no “magic formula” or “magic bait” that will help you catch more bass. The key to catching bass is to use quality lures and baits, and to spend as much time as possible on the water using those lures. With practice you will become a much more proficient and successful bass angler.