Lance Armstrong Guilty or Not

Lance Armstrong is Tour De France. He has more wins than any other human in history to date. Many of us in the world think he represents strength. An inner strength we reach for when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

For my generation and many others Lance Armstrong has pulled off the unbelievable, the inconceivable. Perhaps that is why now so many wish to defame his character and crown.

Lance Armstrong became a house hold name in the latter nineties. Possibly his name and fame were born from his survival of testicular cancer. He should not have lived; his life was to be cut short. Then as if a miracle had been bestowed to him, and perhaps the rest of us he rode again. He rode proud, strong and in some way with humility tethered with an unequaled determination in his eyes.

He rode for us, the common ones out here. Never heard, vaguely ever seen or noticed. He rode into glory not once but seven times. He captured our hearts, won our minds. And taught us that no matter how great the suffering one could survive and go on to live a grand life.

Lance Armstrong’s career while beautiful in theory is beginning to look like a black hoard of evil has descended upon him. As the voices to end the lies come out against him we watch and wait. We hope against hope one more time he is not tarnished. While those who will benefit from theirs words, their accusations continue to say that he is guilty of doping. We who have emotionally supported him pray they are wrong.

Lance Armstrong’s mother never cared that her son was rich or famous. When it came to living she begged the universe to allow him to live. Her bargaining worked. So did the fact that experimental cancer drugs were effective. He survived and thrived.

Now, as if the black plague has come to rest on his life, Lance cannot escape the growing storm. Voices from his past telling us he has lied. He is guilty without the benefit of a court and jury. Out of the ashes rise the rest of the defamed team as always they have followed. Team mates once reported as close as brothers now betray his denials.

Like most out there I am sure of one thing. He most likely took something. What does it matter now? He gave us so many glorious moments. Tears flew from many as we raised our glasses and cheered him and ourselves on. He survived and we went with him. If Lance Armstrong must be convicted and loose his titles and fall completely from grace what will this serve? Who exactly gains in this nightmare on Tour De France?

Evil has a way of finding innocent men and placing them on death row. Twenty years later giving the evidence to let them go. This is the world we live in here in America.

Since Lance has passed a mere 500 drug tests would this not be enough to convince any skeptic? No, not any more as a grand jury listens intently and weighs the words against the facts. All those drug tests would have lied? And a few hundred people would have known? Too many people to keep their mouths shut. This is a fact. When two or three come out trying to defame someone we have to start asking why.

Do they get more money for defaming Lance Armstrong? Movie rights perhaps to the down fall of a dream?

Tyler Hamilton turned in his 2004 Gold medal and defamed his own career. Then he named Lance Armstrong. George Hincapie, a longtime friend who was like a brother to Lance has sat before the grand jury and told his story. Floyd Landis was one of the first to yell out after his title was stripped from him in 2006. The voices are getting louder and louder. Do we listen or do we believe those 500 drug tests?

Written by: Derrick A Jasper