Kong Veterinary Products Flea Comb: The Perfect Inexpensive Flea Comb for Your Cat

Having a cat is a great experience, but one big problem that occurs during the spring and summer months is the abundance of fleas. Fleas are annoying, and once they get onto your cat, they can spread like wildfire and end up on furniture, in your bed and in your carpet. Fleas multiply so fast it can be difficult to keep up with them on your cat, but one easy way to help solve your flea problem is by using a flea comb daily on your cat. I recently purchased a flea comb in the hopes of ending the skin irritation on my cat caused by the fleas and hopefully to slow down the fleas in my house. If you are looking for a good flea comb, I would suggest the one made by Kong Veterinary Products. Here is my review of this nifty little comb.

Kong Veterinary Products carries a flea comb that I purchased on Amazon for $3.99 plus shipping and handling. This comb is made with 36 stainless steel teeth and it has a large plastic handle to hold onto. I was a little nervous about buying a flea comb because there are so many out on the market, but I looked around and figured out that stainless steel teeth are better than plastic teeth because they can actually catch the fleas. So I purchased this comb partially because of that and also because of the fact it was about $10 after you add the shipping and handling fee, which is not really that bad for a decent flea comb. I have tried everything else to get rid of the fleas on my cat, including sprays, shampoos, collars and even droplet medications, but nothing has really worked well enough to be satisfied, and my cat was still suffering a skin irritation from the bites. When I got this comb, I opened it up and instantly thought it was just the product I needed because it is small for hands my size and the teeth felt really tough. I had researched flea combs prior to the purchase of my Kong Veterinary Products flea comb and found out that you should use a cup of water with dish soap to rinse the comb out after each stroke on your cat, so I grabbed a cup of water with soap and began trying it out.

The comb was really easy to use, and my cat instantly fell in love with the feeling of having the comb go through his thick coat. The first thing I noticed when I ran the comb through for the first time was that it really did work and it worked like I could not even begin to believe. I thought I was doing well with bathing my cat, but apparently not, because this comb managed to get about 10 fleas out of his fur just in the first pass. I figured out pretty quickly why a cup of water with soap was needed because those little fleas will try to run away, but the comb did pretty well of holding them into place until I got the comb into the cup. I did have a little trouble with this product, however, when it came to getting the fleas out of the comb. It was a little hard to just flick them off into the water because they were so jumpy. I started to then mess around with it and figured out if you dip the comb into the water and then dry the comb off with a rag after each dunk, it works a lot better than just trying to scrape them from the teeth of the comb. The Kong Veterinary Products flea comb worked very well on my cat and he was just lying there the whole time with his eyes closed, which I guess means he liked it. Usually he gets irritated after about five minutes of brushing. The fleas and the eggs instantly began to just peel out of the fur, and they were getting stuck in the teeth of the comb, which is what I wanted to happen. Another great thing about this comb was the fact it also got loose fur out and the flea poop, which will show up on your cat as black specks near the base of the skin. So I managed to get the fleas, flea eggs, flea poop and the loose fur all with one product.

I spent about 20 or 30 minutes combing the fleas out of my cat and was just amazed at the effectiveness of the Kong Veterinary Products flea comb. The best part in my eyes was that my cat enjoyed this and was not trying to claw me or scratch out my eyes and I think he knew that I was trying to help him get rid of the fleas. I did figure out a little trick for this particular comb and that is when you see the fleas in the teeth of the comb, you should take your fingernail and squish it against the flea so it will die. It can be difficult to kill a flea with your fingers, but if you use your nail and press it against the flea, you will hear a popping sound which is the flea being squashed to death. This little trick was great because I did not have to worry about them jumping out of the comb or worry about them jumping on me before I could rinse the comb. I would just kill them on the spot while they were stuck in the teeth. I have only used this product a few times, but I can already tell the amount of fleas on my cat has significantly decreased and the amount jumping onto my socks has lessened as well. This comb is really great because, for one thing, it is really cheap, and in this economy everyone could use the chance to save a little money. It is also great because the teeth are stainless steel, which means it will not rust or break and it does a lot better job at catching the fleas. The flea comb made by Kong Veterinary Products is definitely worth purchasing if you need something cheap but very effective, and your cat will love you for it. When you use a flea comb on your cat you should also remember to start at the face and head and then move backward until you reach the tail. You will also need to make sure you get the stomach area really good because the fleas will move toward the belly when they know that they are about to be swept up by a comb.

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