Kitchen Spices Make Home Remedies for Heartburn, Pain, PMS and More

Forget making a trip to the drug store, a trip to the kitchen can yield spices which will be just as effective (not to mention natural) for treating a variety of ailments. Ordinary kitchen spices (which you probably have on hand right now) are proven home remedies for heartburn, common aches and pains, PMS, stress relief and disease prevention.

Pepper Blocks Heartburn

Before there was Tums, Nexium and the host of other heartburn blocking medicines, there was black pepper. Ordinary black pepper has been a tried and true home remedy to prevent heartburn for centuries. Black pepper contains an alkaloid called piperine, which stimulates the production of protective acids in the stomach when eaten, those protective acids block indigestion and heartburn from occurring. Just sprinkle black pepper on your food to block heartburn.

Stop Aches and Pains with Bay Leaf

Bay leaf adds a ton of flavor to many recipes, it will also block pain causing chemicals in the body, reduce swelling, regulate insulin and help prevent blood clots. Bay leaves contain parthenolides, which are compounds the body uses to block the release of a pain causing chemical called COX-2. Prevent common aches and pains like headaches, joint pain and the like by adding a bay leaf to rice dishes and marinades. Bay leaves also contain eugenol, which is an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain and swelling.

Cinnamon Eases PMS Symptoms

Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory, which inhibits the production of prostaglandins, the chemicals that cause menstrual cramps. The scent of cinnamon also reduces irritability, fatigue and mood swings associated with PMS. Just sprinkle some cinnamon on toast, fresh fruit, oatmeal or in coffee or tea to get the home remedy benefit.

Celery Seed Reduces Stress

An effective home remedy to relieve stress are tiny celery seeds, which are often found in vegetable drinks like V8. Celery seeds contain a natural compound called phthalide that reduces the level of stress hormone in the body and help to unwind tight, stressed muscles. Celery seeds also calm the nervous system by flushing out fats, pollutants and toxins which causes irritability and insomnia.

Garlic Chases Away Germs

Garlic won’t chase away vampires, but this pungent herb will chase away germs and reduce the number of times you get sick. Garlic is packed with powerful compounds that kill viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu and other respiratory infections. Eating just one clove of garlic per day (or taking a garlic supplement) can slash the number of times you get sick each year by fifty percent, and help you recover faster on the rare occasions when you do catch a virus.

Sage is Synonymous with Knowledge

There is a reason for that too! This simple kitchen spice has been proven to make you smarter. Sage prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, the brain chemical essential for making new memories. A little sage added recipes helps you retain knowledge and improves memory recall skills. New research with Alzheimer’s patients and sage is looking very promising.

Source: Home Remedies From The Spice Rack