Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy’s New Baby – and Taking Muse Outer Space

NJ.com reports that Kate Hudson, and her husband British musician Matthew Bellamy have just had their first baby. Kate’s pregnancy was not a secret and was evident to the public eye. Their new baby was born on Saturday 9, 2011. All source report that the baby is healthy.

Kate Hudson is the daughter another Hollywood actress, Goldie Hawn, and has worked for a very long time in the industry. Kate has been in many movies and typically appears in the lead female role. She starred in “The Skeleton Key” where she was a hospice worker, in the southern Louisiana Bayou to a woman who’s had a very eerie and twisted past. She also starred alongside Anne Hathaway in the film “Bride Wars” where she was in a constant struggle with her best friend over whose wedding would come on a day on which both of theirs was scheduled.

Her husband and baby’s father Matthew Bellamy is the front man for a British alternative rock band named Muse. Muse started in 1994, and is comprised of three school friends. Muse incorporates many styles of music, such as alternative, heavy metal, and electronica. They have also stated they have a very broad basis from which that draw inspiration.

This is the second baby for Hudson who had a baby first with The Black Crowes musician Chris Robinson. Her first came when she was married to the musician. That marriage lasted for seven years.

The father of Kate Hudson’s new baby, Matthew Bellamy has what one of call “above and beyond ambitions. Matthew Bellamy and his band, “Muse”, have desires to play their music in outer space. One of their album in fact has slight implications that might give a clue as to their desires. One of their past albums is called “Black Holes & Revelations.” Muse front man has been trying to convince English billionaire Richard Branson to let them hitch a ride on his Virgin Galactic spacecraft. Branson plans to build a craft capable of outer space travel. He plans for it to be the first commercially available spacecraft to take those who have the money to experience outer space.

Gibson.com reports Bellamy in saying,”We’re trying to blag a free trip on it…I’m going to try to convince Richard Branson to let us make a music video or record a song up there. I think that would be cool.” Bellamy talked about these rare ambitions before at the Ivor Novello Awards earlier this year.

They have yet to publicly announce the name of the baby. The relationship seems strong between the couple as they invite new life in there family.

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