Justin Bieber Themed Party Craft Ideas

Here is a list of cool crafts and activities you can do at a Justin Bieber themed party. The party could be a birthday party, slumber party, pool party, skating party or the best idea ever —- a party just to celebrate your Justin Bieber crush!

1. Make Justin Bieber hanging mobiles for your room.

Here are the instructions:

Print out pictures of Justin Bieber from the Internet in color. Print them in all different shapes and try to have them be at least 3×5 or larger. Make sure you print enough of them for each girl to have 3 or 4 pictures of Justin.

At the party have the girls glue the pictures onto cardstock and cut them out.

Give each girl a piece of plain cardstock and markers. Have them write “I love Justin Bieber” or something similar on the cardstock and decorate it however they want.

Give each girl a plastic hanger and hang 3 or 4 pieces of yarn of various lengths.

Tie the yarn onto the hangar.

Punch holes in the Justin Bieber pictures and the “I love Justin” sign

Hang them from the yarn.

Tie a piece of yarn to the top of the hangar and each girl can hang her mobile in her bedroom.

2. Make a Justin Bieber Party Scrap book

This is a fun activity idea for sleepovers or longer Justin Bieber themed parties when you have time to develop and print out pictures. Take lots of pictures of the girls at the party playing games, eating cake, being crazy, making crafts, having a scavenger hunt, etc. Print the pictures off the computer. Give each guest a small scrapbook and let them fill a page with the birthday party and one with friends. Buy Justin Bieber stickers and other decorations they can glue on the pages. Let them take home the book for a Justin Bieber party favor.

3. Justin Bieber Pajama Drive

This idea comes from Brownie Troop 96 in Scottsville, New York.
What They Did: As part of their participation in the PJ Roundup (an annual event to collect new warm pajamas, slippers, and robes for women and children staying in local shelters), the troop had a sleepover. For your sleepover as each girl to wear to wear her pj’s and bring an extra pair for charity. They collected more than a dozen pajamas for donation to the PJ Roundup which is an annual event to collect new warm pajamas, slippers and robes for children staying in local shelters.
What You Could Do for Your Justin Bieber Themed Slumber Party : Wouldn’t it be great to have the girls bring Bieber pajamas for the drive? Imagine the looks on the girls’ faces who are receiving them when they receive not just a new pair of PJs but Bieber PJs.

4. Make Justin Bieber musical instruments.

It’s not easy to make a guitar or a trumpet but a drum is not too difficult. Select a cylindrical oatmeal container, coffee can, or any drum shaped container. Juice containers and coffee cans should be open on one side, and sharp edges should be covered with masking tape or filed down. This container will form the base for the drums.

Cut a circle of waxed paper that is 2 inches larger in diameter than the open area of the can. Waxed paper is strong and produces a nice sound when struck. Stretch the waxed paper over the open end of the drum cylinder, and hold it down tightly with the large rubber band without any wrinkles or creases. Use masking tape or a rubber band to hold down the waxed paper. Have the children decorate the outside of the drum as they see fit with arts & crafts materials such as ribbons sequins, glitter or anything else.

5. Justin Bieber Autograph Pillow Cases or T-Shirts
Before the party download a picture of Justin Bieber and print it out on an iron on transfer. Ask your Mom to iron it onto T-shirts or light colored pillow cases purchased from a discount store. Each guest gets a T-shirt or pillow case and passes it around to all the guests while they draw pictures and sign their names on it using fabric markers.

6. Justin Bieber Door Hangers
Justin Bieber door Hangers make a fun simple craft for a Justin Bieber themed slumber party . You can use card stock and cut them out in the shape of a door hanger using a circle cutter large enough to fit through a door knob. You can decorate them with Justin Bieber pictures cut out of magazines or printed off the Internet. Letter and other shape stickers can be used to decorate them. You can also buy kits from the craft store made out of craft foam.

7. Justin Bieber Puffy pillows

Download a Justin Bieber picture and print it onto an iron on transfer for the printer. Ask your Mom to iron them onto plain white pillowcases and decorate plain white pillowcases with puffy paint. Let them dry overnight.

Have fun. Send me some pictures of things you make!!!

I had some inspiration for a few of the above games from the following websites:




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