Judgement Day

In the Bible in the book of Revelation, there is scriptures that lead us to believe there will be a day of Judgement for everyone!

I have often wondered in my mind what that day might look like!

In pondering this whole idea, I imagined myself standing in this long line just outside the gates of Heaven. I was standing there with all kinds of people from every walk of life. I imagine recognizing several friends, and realitives I knew while I walked the face of the Earth. There would more than likely be many lines of people as well as many gates into the Kingdom!

As I anxiously awaited my face to face meeting with Jesus, the King of Kings…. ahhh, what an honor to finally meet HIm face to face!

I imagine that my thoughts would be for those that I prayed for and did not know if they had ever really accepted Christ into their hearts.

So many people…. some judgements will be quick… some will be banished in a quick moment! No numbers will be used, no one will be able to explain their reason for not believing because according to the Bible, God will say “I never knew you!”

Satan will have made it easy because those that bear his mark will get to share the room he has prepared for them in Hell!

When I am finally standing there in that line, I may have to pinch myself because I remember how I read about Heaven and the glorious place and imagined the day that this would happen!

Strange for me to feel this way, because after all during my walk on Earth, it was all based on faith that this really existed although I could not actually see it then. But now, here I finally arrived at this time and moment at this place that the Prophet John talked about!

I imagine that the lines will seem to shorten as if they were never really very long at all because so many people rejected the truth!!!

I can’t begin to imagine the peace, love and contement I will have too!! No more wars, no more pain, no more suffering!

Some might believe once they see it face to face, up close and personal, but guess what, It’s too late when you have arrived and you never accepted the truth to turn away from the sinful life and accept Jesus!!!

Thinking about this makes me both happy and sad! Because I know there will be many people that I tried to share the gospel with and they rejected it! What more can I do once the Judgement day comes and time has finally run out for everyone!

I remember how I selfishly said I wanted Jesus to come again because I was tired of all the violence and all the wickedness around me! But still, maybe I could have prayed a little more, pushed a little harder, loved a little more, done a little more!!!

That’s right, this is only the article to imagine what that day might be like, so really we all have just a little more time to do that little more that we might want to do now!!