Jo-Jo Reyes Chases Historic yet Embarrassing Record

Throughout the history of Major League Baseball, the legends of the game have made their mark with remarkable records. These spectacular achievements include Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak, Cal Ripken Jr’s 2,632 consecutive games played, Cy Young’s 511 career wins, and Rickey Henderson’s 130 stolen bases in a season. In 2011, another unbelievable record is about to be broken by a player familiar to all Atlanta Braves’ fans!

Every time this player took the mound for Atlanta, he would strike fear into the hearts of thousands — Thousands of frightened Braves fans that is. The spectacular inadequate player in question is none other than former Brave Jo-Jo Reyes! (Gotcha!) That’s right, Jo-Jo Reyes, the pitcher who gave us the urge to smash our televisions during every start is about to hold a historic embarassing MLB record.

Jo-Jo Reyes was with the Braves from 2007-2010. When he first came up to the show, hopes were high for the Minor League standout. However, those high hopes would eventually devolve into a high ERA. With each start, Reyes somehow manged to become increasingly useless. In 2010, the Braves had finally seen enough of Reyes and the 2,438 earned runs he had given up. Frank Wren answered the prayers of thousands of Braves’ fans and shipped him off to the Blue Jays with Yunel Escobar for Alex Gonzalez. A state-wide parade was held to celebrate his departure.

Once Reyes arrived in Toronto, Blue Jay fans were excited anxious cringed with fear from what they might see from such an overwhelmingly awful pitcher, and they were not disappointed! When Reyes left the Braves, he had not won a game since June 13, 2008 ‘” that’s 18 starts. The streak has continued in Toronto, as Reyes has been held winless in 10 starts. That gives him 28 consecutive winless starts. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, that ties a Major League record held by Oakland’s Matt Keough (1978-1979) and Cliff Curtis of the Boston Braves (1910-1911).

The record of 28 consecutive winless starts has not been broken in a century, and many think that Reyes could snap out of it at any moment and end this slide. However, I urge everyone to not underestimate Reyes. He has exactly what it takes to complete such a monumental failure ‘” I’ve seen it first hand! I advise every Braves’ fan who has been hurt by Reyes to catch his next start and cheer him on as he strives for his greatest Major League accomplishment ‘” 29 consecutive winless starts!

However, I do have to give Reyes some credit. He refuses to give up. While most pitchers in his situation would have quit, thrown a tantrum, or become a raging alcoholic by this time, he continues to march to that mound for every start. So here’s the burning question: Will Reyes EVER win another game? No one knows — except for Harold Camping, who has predicted that it will coincide with the next apocalypse.