Japanese Language – a Guide to Learn Japanese in 30 Days

How to Learn Japanese:

Japanese is a beautiful language and it can be a daunting task for a beginner. I know that if I had a guide before I started my journey in college I would progressed much more quickly. Learning Japanese is not difficult if you have all the information at hand, in a structured, understandable format. This article will do that, and allow you to reach your goals much sooner than you could have imagined.

The basic things you will need to focus on in learning Japanese are as follows:

A. Reading & Writing Skills – the Japanese script which consists of three different entities:

a. Hiragana, the script used to write words of Japanese origin

b. Katakana, a “sister” script of Hiragana, used to write words of Non-Japanese origin

c. Kanji, the most time intensive and ultimately what will separate the novice from the veteran.

B. Listening Skills

a. Real live spoken Japanese is as important, if not more important than written study.

b. Learning the difference between “book-work” style sentences, and “real-world” phrasing, as used in television, cinema, or on the streets of Tokyo.

C. Speaking Skills

a. Actual conversation with others who are speaking Japanese is priceless in the path to becoming fluent.

b. Learning the structure and importance of verbs is commonly overlooked in standard teaching. Knowing your verbs can often let you convey you thought without even knowing how to construct a whole sentence perfectly.

Now that you know what your goals are, the next best step is to find the resources for each area to allow you to have information at your fingertips. Some good sources include college level textbooks such as the Nakama series by Seiichi Maiko and Yukiko Hatasa. However these books are geared more for a classroom setting and can lead to slow progress. Rosetta Stone for Japanese is a great way to quickly pickup a broad vocabulary, but often leaves you without a structured lesson plan. Both of these sources are great in themselves but tend to lead to a slightly robotic way to speaking.

To avoid these issues some new sources have emerged recently that help immerse the learner into a vivid online experience that can serve as a solo-learning tool; or incredibly boost the progress of someone who is already taking lessons at high school or college level. Rocket Japanese is one of these online courses that should supplement any student of Japanese from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Hone your skills, and quickly reach your goals today!

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