It’s “We” Not “I” in Business

Let us be frank. Yes, a business owner can build his firm with his sole resources. But the fact remains that people make the company. It takes human capital to formulate strategies that click with the buyers. There is a need for a pool of minds to implement the tactics properly. Take them away from the picture and surely nothing can be accomplished. Discount their importance and expect a series of unfortunate events to pile up. Manpower is the primary reason why business is moving forward.

But, is it enough to amass a powerhouse workforce? Of course, not. Apart from having a roster of skilled employees, teamwork is highly needed for obvious reasons. This is what most people highly regard. A business organization functioning like a single person produces enhanced performance, and eventually better output. There is fair distribution of work, which leads to increased productivity. Maximum efficiency comes along since all are working hard for a common goal. Problems seem easy to solve with the combined solutions of each team mate. Time is optimized. Money is saved. Assets are preserved. And a harvest of huge profits is at hand.

It does not take a genius why teamwork plays a crucial role in firm-wide rainmaking success. Although an individual person can accomplish vital functions on his/her own, many heads are still better than one. Working as a team brings about ideas and efforts from various talents and resources that are nearly impossible for a single person to attain. There is no denying that the burden is lighter and objectives almost always seem reachable when everyone in a team gets along well and does the job properly. And most importantly, all fulfill the quality of work-life, making them more motivated to function at their peak.

The same could not be truer in running a telemarketing call center. Yes, you need to have the leading techno stuff, from the specialized contact center applications down to the computer-telephony structure. But, what makes the difference is the people that will compose your telemarketing team. After all, they are the ones who will talk with the right decision-makers. They are the same persons who will hand to you easy-to-close sales leads and business appointments on a silver platter. They are the best assets you can have to get new clients. It is as simple as that. I could not agree more that phone marketing is indeed effective. Several firms have vouched their money on the fast reach and high response rates attributes of this medium. But, it is not a foolproof process. Barriers to success, including growing apathy of prospects, have hampered its power. And when done by the wrong people with the wrong skills through the wrong processes, the misfortunes can be overwhelming. There is no wonder why it is critical to select proficient players who can handle the pressures and work in teams.

Data miners, telemarketers, appointment setters, account managers, quality assurance analysts, IT personnel and team leaders- these are mostly what comprise a telemarketing team. They may be assigned to concentrate in a particular field but, their thoughts, words and actions affect the others and the entire company as a whole. Researchers providing the right information to the sales representatives make it easy to find the ripe business opportunities. Bonded employees are more inspired to excel. They can work with harmony, instead of malice. It is the same feeling as having a family and home in the office.

BPO partners providing b2b lead generation and b2b appointment setting have been successful in creating an atmosphere of teamwork. This can be seen in their employee turn-over rates, and the level of employee satisfaction. All are at full tilt to work from strategy formulation to its implementation. Every one rejoices for each closed proposal. There is a culture of refined discipline and unified effort hovering over their offices. The companies themselves have been financing team building activities, trainings, seminars and workshops to establish and strengthen working relationships between team members.

Team building should be implemented by companies to ensure that their employees are working harmoniously. Happy employees and pleasant workplace generate productivity. If you want to be on top of the competition think first of the team that you should be working with. Whichever that is, never settle for anything less than the best. Remember, it’s not only “I” who runs the business but “WE”.