It Happened in 1789

Events by Specific Date

January 1- To censor Hebrew books, Russia appoints its first Jewish censor.

February 2- The Federal Street Theater in Boston becomes 1st in U.S. destroyed by fire.

February 10 – French General Louis Alexandre Berthier removes the papacy from power.

March 7 – The French invade the Papal States and establish the Roman Republic.

March 9 – Dr. George Balfour becomes the first U.S. naval surgeon.

April 7 – The Mississippi Territory is formed from land ceded by Georgia and South Carolina. Later it will be expanded twice to include territory claimed by the U.S. and Spain.

April 26 – France annexes Geneva.

May 23 – Irish Republicans and nationalists then known as the Society of United Irishmen launch a rebellion against the British. The SUI managed to unify Catholics and Protestants around republican ideas. The rebellion ends by October.

May 26 – The British kill about 500 Irish insurgents at the Battle of Tara

June 11 – Edmund Fanning, a captain and sealer, discovers an island in the Marquesas, and it now bears his name.

June 12- The French take Malta.

June 13 – The Mission of St. Luis Rey de Francia is founded in California.

July 1 – Napoleon and his troops land in Egypt.

July 11- The United States Marine Corps is re-established.

July 12 – The French and Mamelukes fight the Battle of Chobrakit. This happens during Napoleon’s march from Alexandria in order to take Cairo.

July 14 – The Alien and Sedition acts become U.S. law. These laws makes it a federal crime to write,publish, or utter false or malicious statements about the United States Government, with possible deportation of immigrants who utter such words.

July 16 – The Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen Act is signed into law. This creates the Marine Hospital Service which is the forerunner to the current United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

July 21 – Napoleon defeats Ottoman forces at the Battle of the Pyramids.

August 1 – Lord Nelson defeats the French Navy under Admiral Brueys at the Battle of the Nile. Nelson is wounded in the head.

August 22– French troops land at Kilcummin in Ireland to help assist the Irish rebellion.

Sepetmber 5 – A new conscription law goes into effect in the country of France

Sepetmber 10- Spain is beaten by British Honduras at the battle of St. George

October 12 – “Wallensteins Lager” by Friederich von Schiller premieres in Weimar.

November 27 – Rabbi and author Shneur Zalman is released from a St. Petersburg jail.

December 14 – The Slide-rest lathe is patented by a mechanical engineer named David Wilkinson.

With No Date Attached

Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth publish Lyric Ballads anonymously.

Charles Brockden Brown publishes Wieland:or, The Transformation; an American Tale. It is the first American Gothic novel.

An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus is published.

Alois Senefelder invents lithography.

Eli Whitney, founder of the cotton gin, enters into contract with the U.S. Federal government for 10,000 rifles, for which he produces with interchangeable parts.

President John Adams appoints banker Benjamin Stoddert as the first Secretary of the Navy

Congress starts a federal property tax to finance its expansion of the army and navy inorder to engage in an undeclared war with France

A Swiss artisan named Pierre Louis Guinand patented a new way to make optical glass. He found that flawless disks as large as six inches in diameter can be cast from flint glass as long as the flint is sitrred as it cools. This will lead to improved telescopes.

A French chemist named Nicolas-Louis Vanquelin isolates chromium from lead ore.

Juliette by the Marquis de Sade is published.


January 20 – Anson Jones. He was the fifth and last President of the Republic of Texas.

March 13- Abigail Fillmore (President Millard Fillmore’s wife).

April 26 – Eugene Delacroix. He was a French painter.

June 12 – William Abbot. He was a British actor.

June 29 – Giacomo Leopardi. He was an Italian writer.

October 2 – King Charles Albert of Sardinia

*This article has been compiled from numerous sources*
**The picture of Napoleon Bonaparte was taken from*