iPad 2 Versus the Orginal iPad

Less than a year ago Apple introduced me to one of my best friends, the iPad. I carry my iPad everywhere now. I use it to blog, read, listen to music, check email and keep up with my twitter account. The iPad has revolutionized my life! I was a bit disappointed when the iPad 2 was launched, I’d only had my iPad for a few months and now I thought it was going to be obsolete. The new iPad features a custom cover, is lighter, faster and all around spiffier than the original iPad.

Built-in Camera: The iPad 2 now also features a built in front and rear facing cameras. The cameras can be used for taking pictures or to video chat with loved ones. Apple has designed new applications that will make editing your photo and videos easier than ever. Additionally, the new iPad can connect to Apple TV allowing the user to simultaneously play a video on their iPad and TV.

Size: The display size is the same in the iPad and the iPad2 but the iPad two is 15% slimmer than the iPad. In addition to being slimmer the new iPad is 33% lighter than the original iPad. The change in size is minimal. I recently viewed the iPad2 and while the changes in dimensions are noticeable they aren’t exceptionally different in proportions.

Battery Life: Apple boasts that the new iPad features a 10 hour battery life. The original iPad can get up to 10 hours battery life as well so despite advertising this isn’t really a change. However, given how small the iPad 2 is it’s an exceptional feet that they were able to get the iPad to maintain the 10 hours of battery life!

Faster: The Apple website boasts that the iPad 2 is faster and better for gaming than the iPad. The new iPad features the brand new A5 Chip that makes the iPad 2 two times faster and graphics nine times clearer.

Cover: Believe it or not the new iPad Smart cover is one of the changes I am most excited about! I looked high and low for a case that fit my lifestyle and personality. I didn’t like the original case options for the iPad. This new case can also serve as a stand and features a magnetic connection to the iPad ensuring it will stay tight to the device and comes in ten fashionable designs. Unfortunately, the new case isn’t compatible with the original iPad. This smart case and iPad 2 were designed to work together. When the user removes the cover the iPad immediately cuts on.

USB/Camera Connections: Neither the iPad or the iPad 2 feature a USB port. I had hoped this would be a feature added by Apple. However an accessory USB port can be purchased for a nominal fee from Apple. I own this accessory and consider it a must have for the iPad user.

Price: Apple price the iPad 2 at the same price points as the iPad. A 16G Wi-Fi model will set you back $499. However, with introduction of the iPad 2 you may now own the original iPad for $399.

The changes to the iPad 2 are exciting and astonishing. But, the new iPad doesn’t render the original completely obsolete just yet. The two still hold many of the same functions and neither feature Flash capability or a USB port. My verdicts if you own an original iPad don’t jump on this updated version just yet, wait for the iPad 3. We all know it will probably be here by Christmas. If you don’t own and iPad, well you should.