Invisible String Trellis for Flower Climbers

You’d think that, if you were a farmer who tilled, planted and harvested crops, you wouldn’t want to do some more of that when the workday was done. My grandpa was an old farmer who took care of the crops – that’s how he fed the animals and the family – but when he was finished for the day, he enjoyed landscaping around the farmhouse, planting flowers of all types and colors. When I was a kid, I thought he was magical. After all, how many grandpas could grow flowers on the side of a building? Not to mention his flowers that climbed, what, at the time I thought was miles in the air, without anything holding them. As an adult I, like many other people, have had my childhood illusions shattered. When I grew up, my grandpa long gone, I, again, saw the climbing flowers at another home. That time I knew that strings were used to hold them. That didn’t make me any less proud of Grandpa, and since then, I’ve grown my own sky-high, climbing flowers, just like his.

A string trellis is suitable for any home. It can look adorable at a little farmhouse or elegant in a perfectly landscaped yard. A string trellis is much more than just a place for plants to climb. It’s a way to add a little charm to a rustic shed or a way to create a floral hideaway. You can use most any string to make a trellis, but when you use fishing twine, like my grandfather did, you create a trellis that’s virtually invisible to the eye.

Anyone can follow the instructions for building a string trellis with no trouble. Just cut a piece of fishing twine to be as long as you need it to reach from one point to another. Tie the string around a nail or hook and attach it to the top area where you want the climbing flower. At the opposite end, tie the twine around a large nail or wooden spike and push it into the ground so that it’s secure. The string should be very tight.

If you’re going to plant vines that feature small flowers make rows of string which are close together. For vines with larger flowers space the rows apart a bit more.

Put the strings, straight up and down, from the ground to under the overhang of the roof on a home or outbuilding. Attach the strings to the roof, then pull them way out away from the house to make a lean-to of vines that creates a floral hideaway. Or, string the vines from the ground to the edge of a deck, all the way around, to conceal the underneath of the deck.

No matter where you hang the string trellis you’ll create an attention-grabbing arrangement that others will definitely notice. Of course, you’ll captivate the kids or grandkids now, but later, they’ll discover the truth about your magical abilities. But you can enjoy the attention for now!


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