Instructions for Setting Up and Playing a Cactus Roping Game for a Western Themed Party

Planning a western themed cook out this summer for a multi-generational crowd? Need a fun, family-friendly, western themed game to keep the party guests entertained? If so you may want to consider setting up a cactus roping game. I have set this game up at various multi-generational, special events and it always gets rave reviews.

Here are the instructions on how to set up and play the cactus roping game.

Creating the Cactus Roping Props

In order to play the cactus roping game you must first create some cacti and purchase rope or rope rings. Detailed directions for creating a cactus prop are available online.

If you must purchase rope instead of rope rings, you will also need to buy liquid starch and duct tape. Use the liquid starch, duct tape and rope to create your own rope rings.

To create rope rings simply cut the rope to the desired length and form a ring. The desired length should be larger than the arms of the cacti. Use the liquid starch to stiffen the rope ring by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the rope rings have dried and hardened, further secure the loose ends together with duct tape. After the rope ring is secure, it is ready for use.

Some hostesses may opt to use hula hoops or large plastic rings instead of rope rings. This is suitable for those that do not mind diverting a bit from the western theme.

Setting up the Cactus Roping Game Playing Field

Set up your cacti in a row, being sure to leave enough walking space in between them. Next use masking tape or spray paint, depending on where you are having your western themed party, to mark off your throw lines. Establish one throw line per cactus.

Now that the playing field has been set up have your party guests break up into teams. Each team should have their own cactus. You will need to supply each team with an even number of rope rings.

Directions for Playing the Cactus Roping Game

Have one member from each team stand at the designated throw line in front of their team’s cactus. At the sound of your signal, the players standing on the throw line must throw a ring at the cactus in hopes of getting the ring to land around one of the cactus’s arms.

After the first players make their throws they are to proceed to the back of the line. The next set of players then moves up to the designated throw lines and makes their throws. This process continues until everyone has had a chance to try and rope the cactus at least once. At the end of the rotation, the team that has gotten the most rope rings around the cactus wins a prize.